What babies really want for their first birthday

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Even as I type this I still find it hard to believe that Moomin will be a year old at the end of this month.  A whole year old.  How?!  It's cruel how quickly time slips through our fingers, I can still remember going into labour to birth her.

As she's our fourth baby, she already has a toy shop worth of toys that were once her siblings as well as token additions just for her.  Advertisements, shops and catalogues are near exploding with noisy, shiny things that she absolutely needs, apparently.

She can't talk yet, what with her being 11 months old and nor can she write her own birthday list.

What would she want though if she could tell us?  It's not hard to work out, all it takes is an exercise in observation.

So I present to you, the birthday list of what a one year old really wants to play with:

1. Packs of baby wipes, nothing beats emptying wipes out of a pack.  The real game begins when you try and stop her, she gains speed and momentum and it's a race against the clock.  She wins.  Always.

2. Bags.  Again it's an emptying thing.  If she see's a bag she's all over it, emptying its contents.  It's futile putting them back in as she'll only empty them out again.  Who needs a clean change of nappy in the changing bag anyway?

3.  Paper/Card.  Better than biscuits or so it would seem judging by how territorial and possessive she is over every little piece she can harvest and then nom upon.  Hardly ringing praise for my culinary skills.

4. Wires.  If there's a wire she will find it.  And tug it.  And Nom it.  

5. Remotes/phones/tablets.  You can try and hide them but she will find them.  Every time. 

6. Purses/wallets seemingly make the best teethers ever.  Also loads of fun to empty said purses and wallets.

7. Yarn.  Moomin is obsessed with my yarn.....

The best part?  You probably already have all of these anyway.  Or at least you did, until your baby got hold of them.


  1. I totally know what you mean, I bought my friends child presents for his first birthday and he was more interested in the bag it came in that the present. x

  2. Haha I love this post! We have two 1st birthdays coming up next month and it's been such a struggle trying to think what to buy them. They have every toy going and clothes are boring for babies.. maybe I should invest in a pack of wipes! Hours of fun and cheap as chips



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