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Friday, 17 July 2015

It's a familiar story, Thing One ate all the cereal, The Dude is starving (very loudly) and can't find his shoes and Thing Two is nose deep in a book.  You can't send them to school hungry, The last of the bread is now butties for lunch and they can hardly eat a yogurt en route to school, unless you want a manky spoon in your pocket on the way home.  Or can they?

Petits Filous are now available in pouches! Hoorah! (No really, this is a hoorah moment!)

The same great taste and quality from a name you know and trust but in an easy to eat (and transport!) pouch.  Great for on the go, mess free snacking.  Talking of mess, these are great for lunchboxes as if your child is diligent enough to empty their bag at school, you more than likely lose a spoon with the rubbish (I've often felt like buying shares in teaspoons) and if they're not so diligent and the bag of grimy leftovers of doom comes home, you don't have a mucky yogurt pot congealing remnants among that last bit  of juice that they left in the carton and the odd raisin bobbing in the tide. Yummy.

One thing I've noticed, having school aged children, is that they're grumpy little filous* (see what I did there?) after school, one way to combat this is to take food with me when picking them up as often their grumpiness is born of hunger.  These pouches are compact enough to slip into your bag or pocket for them to eat on the go on the way home without walking into lamp posts or more importantly, without disrupting valuable wall walking skills (Why do kids need to walk along every wall?)

For a special treat you can even place them in the freezer for a while, if you eat them immediately they'll have a healthy faux-ice cream treat (may have to suck a fair bit though to get it out! Still, it keeps them quiet)  Alternatively if you do this and put it in the lunch box in the morning, it will still be nice and cold by lunch as lets face it, nobody likes warm yogurt.

I can see so many occasions these would be handy for that I'd never really contemplate taking pots of yogurt on such as when travelling and in picnics.  Even if you're not near a bin, you can replace the cap so no mess to clean up when you empty your bag later.  Great idea for Summer Days Out.

Playing and adventuring is hungry work, usually when The Spawn crash through the back door it's to demand food, there's now another healthy snack they can 'grab and run' with as well as the usual fruit because trying to get them to stay still and sit down is apparently an injustice to their play rights (if only they did Gin flavoured Mummy Filous)


  • Convenient packaging and size
  • Less mess
  • No need for a spoon
  • Child friendly cap (although the yogurt in a pouch concept isn't a new one, many other brands have a fiddly small screw cap that even I struggle at times to open.  I really like the kid friendly design of this on, more to grip and easier to turn)  It's also less of a choking hazard if you have kids like mine who are akin to Labradors; putting everything in their mouth.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a small that can eat dairy (unlike poor Moomin) they're a great way to encourage self-feeding with less mess than catapulting spoons
  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial colours or sweeteners
  • Contains calcium and Vitamin D


  •  Perhaps the biggest downside is the price,  I do feel that at 79p a pouch these are something we unfortunately won't be able to buy routinely which is a shame.
  •  It would be nice to see a bigger range of flavours such as banana or pear etc.
  • Although I much prefer sugar over sweeteners, it's still quite a sugary snack.

* Petits Filous is french for Little Rascals.  Take that one to the pub quiz with you.

***This is a sponsored post, we were compensated for the purchase of Petits Filous pouches for the purpose of this review.  However, all views, opinions and experiences expressed are my own.


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