3 Ingredient Strawberry Yum

Thursday, 9 July 2015

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

Seeing how Moomin enjoyed the 3 Ingredient Chocolate Goo, I had another play around with what we had in the cupboards so she'd have some more summer friendly, teething alleviating treats that are both dairy free and egg free.

The premise is much the same you need:

* Strawberries
* Agave Nectar
* Coconut Cream

You could also try this with Oat Cream, I've yet to experiment so if you try it before me, do let me know how it turns out!

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

Bung it all in your blender:

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

Be light handed with the Nectar though as this is very sweet.

At this point if you're feeling a bit fruity you can easily throw in some other berries, if you're feeling a bit of a rebel and want to smash the whole only 3 ingredients thing...

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

I've found the coconut cream slightly unpredictable, some came fresh out the fridge and immieidately blended into thick creamy goodness yet another pack was more like a brick.  If yours is like the latter and your blender sounds a bit pissed off just add some of your preferred milk substitute, I used coconut stuff (tastes like shit to drink, thankfully not as utterly revolting as Soy milk though)

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

That is really all there is to it.  Once blended you'll have yummy pink splodgy goodness

3 Ingredient strawberry yum
What you then do with it is up to you.  I split it between lolly moulds to freeze and into a tub to refridgerate to eat as gloop on a spoon.

3 Ingredient strawberry yum

As you can see, Moomin approves.

3 Ingredient strawberry yum


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