3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, Chocolate Goo.

Friday, 3 July 2015

3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, chocolate goo

I'm aware that the blog is long overdue a Moomin update, I will rectify this soon, she's 10 months old now!  I will however tell you that currently Moomin and I are dairy free and egg free.  For a dairy junkie like myself this is a nightmare.  I seem to spend my time swinging between abject misery in emo territory and furiously Googling all the naughty things a dairy whore like me can eat.  When everything from supermarket sorbet (yes, really) to emergency Pot Noodles contain milk.  Not only are many dairy free and egg free items twice the price they're only half the taste, if you're lucky.  Cardboard infused with nettles.  You get my drift?

I did find an on-line recipe for vegan chocolate mousse,  Google seduced me with it's promises of sheer indulgent chocolate heaven.  It wooed me with suggestive sweet whispers that you can't taste the avocado.  It....lied.  Yes.  Lied.  All I could taste was avocado.  I couldn't even finish it.  Don't even get me started on the liquid evil that is soy milk.

Priorities first, chocolate and ice cream.

This is where the 3 Ingredient chocolate goo comes into play, it's dairy free and egg free.  I shit you not.  It's easy peasy and incredibly quick to make too.

3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, chocolate goo

If you're skint and common like me all you need is cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate, that often has milk powder in), Coconut cream and sugar.  If you're posh, cool and fashionable you could go for broke and use raw organic cacao, agave nectar and coconut cream.

At a push you can use canned coconut milk, it will however be significantly runnier.  Before you make this put your coconut cream in the fridge, due to added emulsifiers it won't go perfectly solid but it will firm up enough to make a difference.

3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, chocolate goo

Dump all your ingredients in your blender.  It's really that easy.  The most technical part is battling the lid on.

This is where it all gets a bit subjective.  I just add and taste then add some more if needed.  If you absolutely need numbers for fear of your mind imploding a good starting point is 2tbs of cocoa powder and 2tbs of sugar per pack of coconut cream (I doubled up everything) but it really is a matter of taste.

3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, chocolate goo

As it's disgustingly hot I decanted some of the mixture into ice lolly moulds for Moomin, once frozen they have the same consistency of milk lollies but without the dairy.  The one on the right is chocolate goo, the one on the left is layered with breast milk.

3 Ingredient, dairy free & egg free, chocolate goo

You could also decant some into a Tupperware and freeze, it's harder than ice cream but still lovely.  You could try churning it every 30-60 minutes if you're not lazy and impatient, like me.

My favourite way of devouring it is refrigerated, it's cross between a mousse and a chocolate cream dessert.  Dunk stiff in it, eat it by the spoonful, lick the bowl.  It's addictive. 

See, that's really all there is to it.  I told you it was easy.

Oh, and Moomin?  She definitely approves.

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  1. We will definately be giving this a go! Bean is Milk, soya, egg, and gluten allergic so I get the half the taste thing! We will obviously be using the skint free version!!


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