2 Ingredient dairy free & egg free Ice Cream

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Well okay if you're going to be a pedant about it, it's not technically ice cream.  When you're dairy free and egg free though you have to get your kicks wherever you can.  

This is super simple as in idiot proof, trust me, if I can do it anyone can.

Chop, chop, chop bananas.

Now this is where The Internet gives you two paths.  If you are going to freeze them as pops like me, do them from fresh.  If you want a creamier soft-serve style ice cream you need to freeze the chopped banana first.

I was going to do both but my wooden spoon had an unfortunate accident with my blender when I was about to show you it with frozen bananas (don't ask.)

Whizz them up.  If your blender doth protest too much you can always add a little of your preferred milk substitute.

This step is optional, add cocoa or raw cacao if you're trendy.  Start little, whizz then add more.  Do it to your taste.  Or skip this all together.

Voila.  Glossy smooth goodness.  If you froze your bananas first, it will look thicker and like ice cream which can be served immediately.

I poured it into empty fromage frais pots with reusable lolly sticks (These pots easily peel off which saves me arguing with and throwing tantrums at the moulds)

One last thing, ignore Google.  Seriously.  You can taste the banana.  So if, like me, you hate banana then these really aren't for you.  Moomin liked them though!

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  1. What a fab recipe! These would be a realk treat. Love the craftiness of the pots as well.


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