The Rubber Ducky Hack

Monday, 4 May 2015

Who doesn't love a rubber ducky?  One thing I don't like though, is the way water gets trapped inside of them and becomes stagnant and mouldy resulting in Rubber Ducky becoming Skanky Ducky.  You can try and sterilise them or get au naturel with them  letting them bathe in vinegar but chances are if you're anything like me (i.e lazy) you'll end up chucking them in the bin.  I'm sure many of you have already used this hack (what can I say?  I'm slow to cotton on to these things!) but for thosewho don't know about it,  with this hack you no longer have to deform the ducks trying to de-skank them or throw them away, just watch the video to find out how.
As usual please excuse the monumentally crap video, it was done one handed on my phone whilst pulling faces at Moomin to keep her happy.  


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