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Saturday, 9 May 2015

If you're a Mum you've probably at some had an ill baby or been concerned something may be wrong yet you're uncertain what to do, you don't want to be labelled the neurotic Mum at the Dr's nor do you want to not go and risk your child growing a second head that then explodes.  You crave advice or validation or even just good old virtual hand-holding.  You've learned from the past not to ask good old Dr Google seeing as you start with a mere splinter yet end up with something you can't pronounce that's possibly terminal.  So you turn to people you think will understand, other parents.

Be it forums or Facebook groups, you tend to encounter the same 'Mum Types' just desperate to respond to you.

They then commence to regale you with tales, usually anecdotal and third hand, of doom.  They never end well.  They just thought you should know though.  Just in case you're not worried enough.  They don't mean to alarm you though, honest.

As a somewhat 'crunchy' mum myself, you'd be surprised at the marvelous and varied uses of breastmilk, there are those though that swear down it (and the holy elixir that is coconut oil) fix everything.  Broken leg? put some breastmilk on it.  Eye falling out? put some coconut oil on it.

 Now Moomin has possible food allergies but.... there are those who believe that food allergies and intolerance are the sole reason behind every questionable nappy content / rash / tummy ache / vomit /sleepless night and won't think twice about telling you this.  At length. Several times.

So, you've spoken to a Dr before and they've discussed and ruled out some of your worries but obviously they're wrong. All Dr's are wrong.  Always.  

 Because OMG.... what if.....

Because you can accurately diagnose a spot/rash from a blurry, badly lit picture, didn't you know?

So, how many of these have you encountered online?  


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