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Friday, 29 May 2015

Babymoov Project Light

What can I say I'm a sucker for anything that glows/changes colour or has stars, so it was inevitable I'd be curious about this particular item I'm reviewing.

There's a multitude of projectors aimed at babies on the market at the moment to choose from ranging from budget busting to purse breaking.  In the pas we had a Winnie the Pooh one that attached to the cot yet seeing as my babies rarely actually sleep in their cot it was difficult to find somewhere to put it and often the projection was quite small.  There's some tempting ones on Ebay and such that boast an amazing display of stars yet often the reviews are poor and I worry about the safety of them as after all they're an electrical item that are being put in babies rooms.

The Babymoov Project light thus seemed a good inbetween to try.  At just £16.99 I feel it fits into the affordable bracket of a branded item, then there's the security of a lifetime guarantee that Babymoov offer on their products, all this inspires confidence in the product before you've even bought it.

Thankfully as an Ambassador for the lovely people at Babymoov they sent Moomin a Babymoov Project Light to try, which was ideal as Moomin has always had a fascination for lights.

Babymoov Project Light

In a nutshell, the Babymoov Project Light is a multicolour atmosphere light that subtly changes colour as it projects static stars onto a wall/ceiling.  It also has 7 sounds including a nature sound and that of a heartbeat as well as the expected lullabies with three volume levels to choose from.  You can use the visual and sound functions together or independently. 

Babymoov Project Light

You can operate this either via the mains (adapter not included) or by batteries.  We opted for the battery option as it eliminates wires, something else that Moomin gravitates towards and as an item essentially designed for being near a baby it intuitively seems much safer an option.  Ideally it will be places somewhere unobstructed that's higher than baby.  As we co-sleep we don't actually have a suitable area so unfortunately we only see the projection straight on the wall next to her and a little bit directly above her which i'll admit is a tad disappointing yet I must emphasis that this is not a problem with the product, more with our room lay out,


* The changing lights is subtle yet holds a level of fascination to watch having a soothing lulling effect (for me too!)
* There's 7 separate sounds so you're not stuck with the same tune constantly playing whenever you activate it.
* Volume levels are ideal, when we're home alone I like to have it on quiet as she falls to sleep yet when all The Spawn are home it's nice to increase the volume so that it blocks out their noise!
* There's no need to worry about forgetting to turn it off nor having to fumble around to find the off switch as it automatically turns itself off after 30minutes.
* Sometimes you just want the sounds as if it's nap time and there's daylight you can't see the projection, you can easily activate the sounds without the light (and vice versa)
* If you have a preferred sound, with the press of a button it will automatically play the tune you last selected having 'remembered' it.
* No need for unnecessary wires as you can use batteries, this also makes it ideal when travelling abroad as no need for a travel adapter.
* Sturdy and well built despite being light.
* Lifetime guarantee.
* Competitive price.


* It would be nice if it was sound activated so that it automatically plays when baby cries or stirs.
* A remote control would be helpful so you don't have to lean over or fumble about in the dark to turn it on.
* It wasn't immediately evident how you get it to play the last sound which meant having to cycle through them all every time I switched it on! In case you're a bit blonde like me, it's the mute button.  If you press it whilst the sound is playing it will instantly turn the sound off.  If you press it when no sound is playing it will automatically play the last song you selected.
* Personally I hate the 'nature' sound.  I was hoping for rain or waves yet it's actually a brain drilling fake bird chirrup.  More likely to wake a baby up than convince them to go to sleep!

We've been using this every night and every nap time for around a month now.  I only use the heartbeat sound as Moomin is partial to white noise, I'd previously been using an app that played the sound of rainfall.  She prefers the lullabies for when she's awake.  Every nap time and bed time we switch the projection on with the heartbeat playing, snuggle up and she feeds to sleep.  As a family of 6 it can be somewhat manic around here so it's helpful to have a familiar routine that signals it's time to sleep. It seems to work, she effortlessly seems to settle almost with a happy sigh of relief that she knows it's time to sleep.  Sometimes if she's not quite ready to sleep she'll lay there staring at the projection.  Generally her night wakings are brief as she'll latch herself on and nurse back to sleep yet occasionally she'll seem a bit too reluctant to go straight back to sleep so by turning it on again it signals to her that it's still sleepy time.

I love its unfussy design, it's a clean design, nice shape and easy to use.  It's simple yet effective.  What more could you ask for? Believe it or not, mere minutes before this video was taken she was hysterical with tears yet here you can see how calming she finds the Babymoov Project Light as she stopping crying within moments of me turning it on!

Over the years we've had many baby items, many of which were superfluous and gimmicky, however the Babymoov Project Light is a keeper.  At £16.99 it would also make an ideal gift too.

***Babymoov kindly sent us this item to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Oh this looks so cute - I think I'd quite like one for my own room actually, it might lull me to sleep :) Mim x


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