Election: How could you, voters? How could you?

Friday, 8 May 2015



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Dear fellow Brits, what have you done? What the fuck have you done?

I actually feel sick at the prospect of another Tory government. Utter twunts. I'm ashamed to be British right now.

Yesterday I had hope, hope of change and of healing this broken country.  Today?  Dark Days are coming.

What a terrifying world our children will inherit. A world where so many people vote to hate the poor, the old, the sick, mothers, families, children. How has society become this?  How have we stooped so low?

So when your house burns down and there's not enough fire fighters to come, I hope you're happy.

When the ambulance you need isn't there nor the nurses, I hope you're happy.

As old and young freeze in winter because they can't afford to heat their homes, I hope you're happy.

As children forget how it feels to not be hungry, I hope you're happy.

As suicide rates increase as the ill and disabled are persecuted and sanctioned, I hope you're happy.

When babies and children get to see their parents for an hour a day, I hope you're happy.

As a latch key generation is born, I hope you're happy.

You voted for this.

For Austerity.

For our NHS to be privatised through the back door.

For fewer midwives and nurses and fire fighters.

For increased child poverty.

For increased need for foodbanks.

For zero hour contracts.

For less human rights.

For workfare, exploiting the unemployed.

For ridiculous and dangerously poor work capability assessments for the ill and disabled.

For sanctions.

For the butchering of education.

For people who are considered to not 'earn' enough regardless of how many hours they work  to be bullied into seeking more or different employment.

For the bullying of babies and toddlers away from their mums and into early childcare.

For the poor to become poorer and the rich to be richer.

For teachers to be disillusioned.

For the slash of in work benefits.

For the longest sustained decline in wages since records began.

For frozen public sector pay.

For more debt than every Labour government combined.

For Fracking.

For Asset stripping.

For no living wage.

The list is endless.

Worse though, you've voted for Katie Hopkins to stay in the country.

And if you didn't vote?  Congratulations, you'e officially part of the problem and not of the solution.  Just remember, when you're criticising the government, you could have stopped this.  Your vote would have made a difference after all.

 You could have stopped this but you didn't. I hope you're happy. Britain, you have failed our children. Go home voters, you're drunk.

If you're not angry or devastated, you've obviously not been paying attention.
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