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Saturday, 9 May 2015

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Sometimes it's the simple things that are most useful.  When pregnant with my first, back in 2003, I hadn't the foggiest idea about what muslin cloths were used for.  Now I have my fourth baby, they're on my list of must haves!  It wasn't until last year that I even became aware of that they came in various sizes too.

Babymoov sell muslins in packs of three, in a variety of quirky prints.  In each pack you get one large 80cmx80cm and two medium 60 x 60 all neatly rolled up in a gift-worthy display box.  

The beauty of muslins is that they're incredibly versatile and multi purpose.  Just some of the uses:

* Burp cloth
* Make shift bib
* Newborn nappy (you'll need a nippa and cover)
* Makeshift bib
* Car seat liner
* buggy liner
* Knotted for an emergency sun hat
* To cover changing areas when out and about before you lay baby down
* Rolled up to provide newborn neck support in a woven wrap or ring sling
* Light weight blanket
* Tuck around baby carrier to keep sun off baby's legs etc
* On very hot days fold up and place between baby's head and your chest when babywearing
* If you have a sicky baby you can secure them across their mattress under their heads so you only have to change the cloths and not the whole cot sheet.
* Blanket for putting on beach/grass for baby to sit on
* An easily replaceable 'lovey'
* Play mat

They're lightweight, 100% cotton and machine washable.  What more could you ask for?  I keep a stash by my bed and at least one (usually one large and one medium) in our changing bag for when we're out and about.

I've tried a few various brands, some are only really large enough to be a burp cloth, some look tatty when they've been washed or shrink too much.  Even the smaller size in the Babymoov pack are large enough to be used in many different ways and they still look brilliant after washing (they dry super quick too!)

Our first excursion with these was on The Dude's 5th birthday meal last month at a chinese buffet, an extended family affair.  This was also the first meal out we'd had with Moomin.  It seemed the perfect occasion to show off our new changing bag and the muslins.  Predictably Moomin became tired and grouchy half way through so after shoveling my food down one handed in record time I excused us from the table, I knew she'd be far too distracted to settle there not to mention I was a bit cramped.  At the front of the restaurant they have a large lounge like area with huge sofa's so we snuggled up on one and she fed to sleep.  She's naturally curious, understandably more so in unfamiliar surroundings so I used the large Babymoov Muslin to drape around her, it helped her settle and had the added bonus of making breastfeeding discreet (I'm not really one for covers etc when feeding)

They really are an invaluable must have for parents.

Which design is your favourite?

*** I was supplied with this product for the purposes of reviewing as part of the Ambassador programme.  All views and opinions expressed are my own and genuine

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  1. We used them for all the above, including a kind of half-cover for nursing - neither of my littles liked being covered while nursing (which is perfectly understandable - I wouldn't want to eat my lunch with a cover over my head either!), so I would drape a muslin over my shoulder and over the top of my breast, pop it out, and attach baby. I've always been very body conscious, so it really helped me, especially during those early days of feeding in public, or even in front of family and friends when visiting. We still have a stack of them now, ad they get used as over-sized hankies when the kids (or we!) have a cold - much softer on your poor red nose than a paper tissue, and they're great to use as a lightweight cover in warmer weather. I don't think I'll ever be without my muslin cloths now - they come up sparkling in the wash every time too. :)


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