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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Life is better with cake, in fact everything is better with cake.  It's one of those facts of the universe.  So, imagine my delight when presented with the chance to review a Letterbox Cake from Baker Days!

Cake speaks louder than words so why not say it with cake?  At Baker Days from as little as £14.99 you can send someone a fresh and delicious cake through the post, better still is the fact that you get to personalise it too.  They can literally make a cake for any occasion or sentiment be it Birthday cake, a cake to say sorry or congratulations (they even do cupcakes too!).  If you're the romantic type you could even design a proposal on a cake or if you're so inclined a 'you're dumped' cake.  You don't even need an occasion, sending a cake 'Just because' or to say hi would immensely make someone's day.

What could beat getting a personalised cake delivered to your door?  Can you tell I like cake?

Now, The Husband is always bemoaning the fact that nobody ever does anything for him, just for him, ever. I decided to give my worlds smallest invisible violin a rest and took this opportunity to design him a cake, just for him.

The order process is incredibly user friendly yet you can even just e-mail them with a picture and let them do the rest.  Shortly after sending my design it arrived.  I like the fact the neat little box was inconspicuous.  There was no branding nor advertising to hint at what was inside, perfect!

Inside the box is a cute little tin to ensure your cake arrives in perfect condition.  Call me odd but the tin alone was enough to make me 'Squeeee!' I love tins.  Before he could even open it i'd already claimed it for my button obsession stash problem collection.  Once again, there was an impressive lack of branding on the tin, I really like this.  It becomes more of a gift and less of an advertisement.

He'd have been happy enough just getting cake, but I absolutely levelled up in the game of marriage when he saw it was  personalised for him.

As you can see, we have a special brand of affection towards each other which tends to express itself in insults, the wording was my personal request to accompany the picture I sent them.

I would have written this review a lot sooner yet The Husband liked the cake so much I had to persuade him to cut it up so we could try it!

Granted, we waited until all of The Spawn were out of the house before we tried it.  It's not that we're mean, honest.  Okay, maybe we are a little mean.

Up until this point I had no idea what flavour cake we'd be sent, so imagine the glee when we discovered it was chocolate!  That's two of my 5 a day in one (cake and chocolate)  I'll admit, I didn't expect much from the cake assuming it was just secondary to the obvious unique selling point of the bespoke design element.  I was wrong.  The cake was fresh, moist and delicious, I'm salivating just thinking about it.

We had chocolate but they offer several choices when you order:

They even offer a Gluten free or Dairy free option (for small additional cost).  I recently spent 3 weeks dairy free to see if it would help The Moomin's eczema (it didn't).  I think I would have cried and then snogged someone if they'd sent me my own dairy free cake.

Letterbox cakes are 5", they're large enough to cut into four slices and share yet small enough to hide and scoff all to yourself without any guilt.  The Husband kindly let me have one slice for the purpose of this review (he wasn't threatened under pain of death, honest.)

It was an absolute pleasure reviewing this cake and I can genuinely highly recommend it.  I think the entire concept is awesome.  The gift of personalised cake through the post is most definitely the future.

Life is better with cake.

***I received one letterbox cake for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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