Ostentatious prats: Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Once again that old chestnut of breastfeeding in public was in the news with the Claridges debacle and then Farage had to stick his oar in too. I've said  my piece on breastfeeding in public before and my stance remains the same.

I have a long list of words that can describe breastfeeding yet I must say, Mr Farage, ostentatious isn't one of them. Many people often think of breastfeeders as  Those Smug Breastfeeders.  These warped opinions over feeding a baby in the most biologically appropriate way are incredibly misguided and say far more about the person thinking it than it does about a breastfeeder.

It's not about you.  It's really not.  If you don't like it simply stop looking. Babies should be fed anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  I bet nobody asked Mary to feed in a toilet or in a corner or worse....Under a napkin.

If we sit on your knee, waving our naked breasts in your face and then squirt milk in your eyes then yes,  then you can have a valid problem with it.  Otherwise,  walk on by.  Stop staring. Stop trying to be so offended by an inoffensive act .  It's you with the problem. It's you that is sexualising a none sexual act. 

Seriously. Get over yourselves.  Stop being twunts.  Get therapy for your obsession with sexualising breasts who's main biological function is to feed an infant.  Most importantly exercise some self control.  You have a neck, wind it in, move it. ..   stop looking because you're just being creepy.  Seriously.  You have two feet. If you're so threatened by the site of an infant being fed. ... use your feet and walk away.  The majority of the time breastfeeding is discreet,  to have a problem with it you're really looking far too hard which once again is just creepy.

Sort out your rabid hypocrisy.  What is a teat on a bottle if not a replica of a nipple?

Be offended by smoking around children or swearing around them.  Be offended by racism and homophobia.  Be offended by sexist, misogynistic creeps with over inflated opinions over things that don't concern them.

Just don't be offended by a woman trying her hardest to feed her child in the most biologically appropriate way.

Stop being an utter cockwomble.

Moomin has a message for those who ridiculously have a problem with breastfeeding in public.


  1. Could not have said it better myself. That douche bag just needs to get his ugly mug in the media week in week out. There is nothing ostentatious about breastfeeding and these stories only make me feel more embarrassed and paranoid if I have to bf whilst out when I know I shouldn't.

    1. Thank you for reading Emma. Just remember, even the law is on our side :)


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