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Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm afraid it's one of those Mummy posts, you know the ones, the proud Mummy ones.  Sometimes however, they're just necessary and quite frankly bloody well deserved.

I'm always proud or The Spawn.  They're good kids (apparently).  The end of the school year brought the inevitable; school reports.

All we ask is that The Spawn behave and try their best.  We neither expect nor ask or any more.

Thing Two came home with rows upon rows of A's for effort and attainment.  Her year 2 SATS were streaks ahead of where they should be and her teachers comment was positively glowing.  The icing on the cake is that her peers voted and she'll be on the School Council next year too. She is a model student, her attitude, behaviour, attainment, social skills etc are consistently unfaultable.  It's not hard to see why her teachers adore her.

Thing One brought a similarly good report home, his consisting of A's & B's and his 'levels' are consistent with those a few years ahead of him.  We're always especially astounded by his consistent achievements seeing as he is one of the youngest in his year too.  His teachers comment was lovely and the Head Teachers comment said he was a good role model for the school.  We're half convinced he has an alter personality because although we love him dearly he's incredibly hard work at home yet at school and with relatives he's fantastic, maybe he just doesn't like us?

Thing One applied to be a prefect seeing as he'll be in year 6 in September, reached the interview stage and nailed it.  For the third year running he received the science award for his year and then came the bolt out of the blue.  Not only is he a prefect but at the awards presentation evening we discovered that from all the prefects he's been chosen to be Head Boy! Yes my eyes may have leaked.  Twice.

Naturally there's a downside, lets just say some of his peers aren't very gracious about his achievements and he received several downright mean comments suggesting he's undeserving of the title, somehow though I think I'll stick with the Head teachers judgement skills as opposed to the judgement of year 5 boys.

Yet the most important thing to us is that The Spawn are happy at school everything else is icing
 on the cake.

So yes, I'm a proud Mum and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


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