Summer baby.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

In the earlier days of Pregnancy when people clock you're knocked up they ask 'When's it due?' yet you know you're reaching the finishing line when the question changes to 'How long have you got left?'  That's about where i'm at.

This is usually accompanied by the loathsome 'Aww a Summer baby! How lovely!' Actually, no.  It's far from lovely.  It's miserable enough in this vile heat when you're not pregnant yet add being the size of a whale to it.  Not pretty.  Not fun.  Then there's having a newborn in the height of summer when you spend all day trying to keep them out of the direct glare of the sun and sweltering heat and all night petrified they're over heating.

Out of The Spawn, two of them were 'Summer Babies' so I'm speaking from experience.  I think it's pretty obvious that Moomin is a surprise.  No sane person would plan another summer birthday.

August and September will forever be known as the bankrupt months.

Still, I wouldn't change this for anything.  The baby I longed for yet never thought we'd have.

And the finishing line is indeed in sight.  32+6 today.  It's strange this pregnancy has both flown by and crawled, how is that even possible?  I do wish I had the luxury of indulging in this pregnancy yet with three children, anxiety, unmedicated depression and near constant hip, pelvic and back pain it's something that's obviously forever there yet in the background.  It's both bittersweet and terrifyingly sad that this will be my last ever pregnancy, that after Moomin is here ICountdown'll never again experience the bump and kicks.  Ever.  Obviously I can't wait to meet her yet I can't help the sadness that soon, pregnancy will just be another memory.  I could elongate this into a somewhat emo lament about the loneliness of this pregnancy but i'll save you the displeasure of reading that tripe.

Although tomorrow I'll 'only' be 33 weeks due to the length of the month, technically I'm having a baby next month.  Next Month. How has that happened?! Holy Shit!


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