Ten long years

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It would be a crime to let today pass without at least some small mention.  June marks 14 years since The Husband and I met.  This time last week, I turned 34.  This day ten years ago, The Husband and I said 'I do' to each other.  Ten long years.  Hard years.  I won't lie, it hasn't been easy.  But here we are, ten years later and neither of us are serving time for committing spousicide.  Yet.

Typically, as is the norm with us, nothing went to plan.  Originally we were going to spend the whole day out together with The Mother babysitting for us.  Bare in mind, in the past ten years we've been out together on a 'date' once.  Yes, really.  A terminal lack of money, a severe conflict of common interests and my reluctance to leave my babies all played a part.  Then came the news that The Brother had issued The Mother with a surprise wine tasting event ticket for tonight of all nights so that cut her availability down to 4pm.  As none drivers this hampered our full day out plans so we decided to just 'do lunch' but finances or severe lack of put the final nail in that coffin.  So how did we spend our tenth anniversary?  I spent it feeling like utter crap as a virus or bug is taking hold and The Husband spent it snoozing.  We're so rock and roll.

We may argue horrifically and perpetually take the piss out of each other but he's my best friend.  We may not have the most conventional marriage, we don't have dates, we're around each other near enough 24/7, we can be polar opposites on many things,  he sleeps on the sofa and I sleep with The Preschooler and he has shite music taste.  But,  I love him and couldn't image life without him.  He's my rock.  I can't think of anyone else who'd put up with me nor anyone who'd put up with him other than each other.  I can't wait to renew our vows one day; our way.  Here's to the next ten years and many more.  May we not kill each other ;)  I can't imagine ever not loving him.

Today is also the only day in our marital history when I could fit into my wedding dress again.  Ten years ago today, when we said our vows, I was 31+3 with our first child.  Today, on our tenth anniversary I'm 31+5 with our last child.  Isn't life weird, how it works out?


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