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Monday, 2 June 2014

For those who haven't read the blog before, I'm craft inept.  As in totally and absolutely.  However, I've met online many people who are far from being inept, one of these people is my friend Caroline.  Not only is she crafty, she's also incredibly kind.  I'm not just waxing lyrical about a faceless name either, despite being active online in various communities for nearly 20 years, I've only ever physically met up with around five people (y'know because I'm an utter headcase) and yes, Caroline was one of these so believe me when I tell you she is not just full of but overflowing with awesomeness.

Despite being a very busy lady Caroline is donating her time to making bags for ladies with breast cancer to carry their drains in, many whilst already feeling horrific end up carting these things around in pillow cases etc  With these bags they get something pretty or funky, lovingly made just for them.  Everybody deserves something beautiful.  Especially these ladies.  If she creates a Facebook page for this generous venture i'll update here with a link so you can see the beautiful face behind the awesomeness.

Caroline's message:

If anyone else would like to donate it works like this...

Lancaster hospital asked my local fabric shop for people to volunteer their sewing skills to make pretty bags to hold the post-surgery fluid drain bags needed by ladies with breast cancer. I donate the sewing time, and you donate £3.50 to cover the cost of the fabric, and you get a finished bag, except you don't, a lady with breast cancer gets it, and with it hopefully a smile and a little bit of dignity .

You can pay me by paypal (carolinefarchie @ yahoo .co .uk), or e-mail me for my bank details if you want to internet bank it, or post a cheque

This is the shop website and charity details http://www.grace-favour.co.uk/blog/

When Caroline first put her message out among friends online she was overwhelmed by their response and has so far completed nearly 60 bags.  With your donations, she's willing to keep making them, donating her time and effort for free, getting back ache and squinty eyes so you don't have to.  She even lets you choose the fabrics and often posts pictures of the finished bags so you can see what you personally have donated.

If you don't fancy donating to sponsor a bag yet you're nifty with a sewing machine, why not make your own to donate?  More info can be found at: http://www.grace-favour.co.uk/blog/read_106932/breast-cancer-drain-bag.html

Maybe you're part of a sewing group who'd like to do something similar for your local hospital?  Together, you can make a difference, where it matters.

Although not breast cancer, cancer is a topic close to my heart, it stole my granddad, tried to steal my mum and is currently claiming my God Father.  It is ruthless and doesn't discriminate.  Currently we can't always stop it but we can help those who are battling it.

So if you can spare £3.50, please do consider sponsoring a bag, it's a worthy cause and one day it could be someone you know benefiting from one of these.


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