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Monday, 23 June 2014

Recently The Husband started the task of rearranging The Spawn's bedrooms.  At the age of four and with Moomin due in two months it's time for The Preschooler to move out of my room/bed to make room for his new sister.  Now logistics would dictate that it would make sense for The Preschooler (age 4) and Thing One (nearly 10) to share a room seeing as they're both with penis' and for Thing Two to stay in the box room seeing as she is a girl.  However, seeing as Thing One and The Preschooler can't even sit on the same sofa without inciting war we've decided on the less logistical yet temporarily sanity preserving option of having Thing Two and The Preschooler share, for now.  This meant the incredibly pink box room needed a makeover as did the very aged and tatty Thomas the Tank Engine blue room.

The box room was easy.  Thing One wanted black and red, we compromised on red and light grey.  Granted he still has pink carpet and a pink blind until funds enable otherwise.  The other room needed to be bright, cheerful yet somewhat neutral.  The Preschooler has no aversion to the girlier things in life yet we wanted some balance.  What we now have is:

A very nice (yet somewhat boring) yellow wall.
The Husband doesn't 'do' wall paper and seeing as neither of us are remotely artistic it felt a little lack lustre.  With perfect timing the lovely people at Becky + Lolo offered us the chance to review the delightful Scroll Tree Wall Stickers.  Talk about creative intervention!

I'll admit we remained skeptical at first.  Although we've had no past experience with large wall decals we have used smaller ones in the past with mixed results.  The yellow room had previously been blue with the odd Thomas the tank engine wall sticker dotted here and there.  They'd survived seven years and only come off when taken off.  However, the pink box room had some fairy wall stickarounds which fell off within an hour of being applied.  A replacement set were equally useless and tremendously disappointing.

The Scroll Tree Wall Stickers arrive incredibly well packaged in a durable poster tube.

Once opened you essentially have two large sheets of wall stickers, each individually numbered.  There's 80 stickers in all and the finished tree is 162.5cm (W) x 147.3 (H) so terrific value for money for a striking feature to a room.

There's a small piece of card that depicts the finished application and a number by number application guide to applying it.

At first it may seem somewhat overwhelming at the sheer amount of stickers yet you soon get into a rhythm. It's easy yet a little time consuming, although one person would find it perfectly do-able things go a lot quicker and smoother if you have two people.  The Husband was chief applier, he'd call out which number stickers he needed and i'd locate them for him. Team work at it's best and better still, no threat of divorce unlike other endeavors we've attempted in the past all in the name of 'for The Spawn'

On the packaging the decal is pictured on one wall.  Due to the shape of the room we didn't have a bare wall big enough so we decided to work it within a corner, this is testament to the versatility of the product.  You can think outside the box a little and it still looks great.  If anything it gave it a slight 3D quality and made the most of the room we have.  This is a large product so I highly recommend you measure the wall area you're thinking of placing it before you start to ensure it will fit.  I'd also recommend you set aside an hour or so when you know you won't be rushed or interrupted!


* The stickers are strong and look/feel durable.
* Incredibly easy to apply.  They go on smoothly and stay on.
* Easily transforms a room with minimal effort
* Although they stay on, should you decide to remove them, they're easy to remove.
* If re/moved they leave no residue and no damage to the surface.
* No curling up at the edges and minimal wrinkling when applying the larger branches.
* Lovely and vibrant.
* All items are easily repositionable so no bigee if you don't get it perfect first time.
* Each sticker is opaque which makes them much more vibrant than many of the transparent backed ones you see in the shops and means they look fantastic regardless of the colour of the wall you're putting them on.
* Not just for walls, these stickers can also be applied on furnature and windows.
* Waterproof and wipe clean, so stand up to grubby spawn!


* The instructions are tiny.  The Husband found it frustrating and time consuming having to try and read the tiny numbers.
* Some of the stickers were a little difficult to remove from the backing paper which could be a little frustrating at times.
* You have to be careful with the petals when removing them.  Likewise the squirrel, he was our only causality as his tail ripped on removal from the paper, however, once on the wall you genuinely can't tell!
* Would have been a little easier if the stickers were arranged in number order on the backing sheets.

We were genuinely impressed with the quality and finished product and Thing Two and The Preschooler are delighted!  It's personalised the room for them and makes it feel unique and quirky.

Like what you see?  You too can transform a room with this lovely wall decal from Becky + Lolo.  It's currently retailing there at a special price of £30.00.

* Disclaimer: For the purpose of review Becky + Lolo provided us with the Scroll Tree Wall Stickers.  However, all opinions and experiences expressed in the review are our own and genuine.

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  1. These look amazing, my daughter would love them in her room :) Fab review x


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