The Five Product Face Challenge

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Lovely Laura from Petitmoi-bigworld has tagged me to partake in the five product face challenge.  I'm quite lazy really and make-up isn't part of my daily routine, I tend to only wear it if i'm feeling bored or particularly blue.  Occasionally i'll go through phases through which I realise that I do actually feel a but perkier when wearing it and will thus do so for a week or so but then I end up forgetting again.  I will however admit to the direct correlation between the increasing instances of me wearing it and my increasing age.

As a child I was in dance competitions as part of a group (yes really, me doing something physical and with other people too.  Obviously The Mother must have drugged my food) and make-up was mandatory, not just make-up but shed loads of it.  I hated it.  Then as a student with a zero hours contract at Principles I was informed that wearing make-up was part of the uniform.  I'm never keen on being made to do something.  Make-up became either a chore or a venting of expression.  I'd wear it as a statement, I'm a recovering Goth.  I saw little point in slaving over my face to perfect that 'I'm honestly not really wearing any make-up.  Honest' look so if i wore it, it was bloody obvious with thick black eyeliner, black, red or pink eyeshadows, coloured lashes and lots of glitter.  You get the picture.  Even at this stage though, because of the childhood dancing, I avoided foundation like the plague and stuck to plain old translucent (or white!) powder.

I'm getting older and sadder and I do actually quite like make-up and can see a difference now so I've finally relented and do have several variations of the 'making myself look human' au naturel look.  I even occasionally use foundation too.

I have a toolbox of makeup, yet for the challenge it's the go-to items, the ones you grab to use when time is limited and you just need the basics to make yourself look a little more human.

First off, you may have noticed I've already failed at the first hurdle.  I have chosen six items.  Oops.

1. I've tried several foundations ranging from BB creams, liquids, mousess, minerals yet I generally dislike the faff of putting it on, the feeling of wearing it and the colour.  I'm pale.  Ghostly pale.  I actually like it.  I don't want to be bronzed or orange.  I want to make my face look a tad less haggard without changing colour.  Even pale shades look oompa loompaish on me.  On a trip to the local market I was killing time looking at a make-up stall and found this little gem, Covergirl Tru-blend powder foundation.  It was a bargain at £2.50.  Besides the price, the good points are that it's compact, it goes on incredibly easy with minimal need for blending, it matches my skin perfectly in shade and it gives a decent coverage.  The bad point?  It's apparently discontinued and has been replaced with another bloody liquid foundation.  Needless to say i'll be stocking up on this whilst I can.

2.YSL Touche Eclat.  I already reviewed this here, so have a ganders to save me waffling about it again here.  I'm not one for fads or gimmicks but this does actually work.

3. LUSH Eyes Right Mascara.  Again, I've already reviewed this product here.

4. MUA Luxe Precision Felt Liner.  I have two eyeliner defaults, thick nasty smudgy grunge or else precision black with flicks.  For the latter this item is the bomb.  I've tried pencils, crayons, gels, liquids etc over the years but for a neat, quick, effortless line, in my opinion, a felt tip style liner is the way to go.  Every time.  You can buy far more expensive ones yet I see little point when in comparison this one does exactly what I want it too.

5. My favourate eye shadow for the quick human look is actually a L'oreal pallet there's one for blondes and one for brunettes depending on how I feel like looking that day.  They go on very smooth and the pigment is lovely.  However, I've not chosen them because for a quick and ready look you really can't beat the MUA Colour Blast eye tint in 'Stay' (I have some of the other colours too)  It's just a mere shine of colour that glides on.  No need to faff around with brushes, glide on and if needed give it a quick smudge and blend with your finger.  It gives a very subtle dewy look that's simple, natural and effective.  Incredibly quick.

6.  Yes, six.  Always one to deviate from the rules, sorry. It's only in the past couple of years that I've started to use products on my eyebrows.  I just never saw the point of doing anything other than plucking them before.  I'm not one for dramatic or silly statement brows so it just seemed a superfluous effort and purchase.  That is until I experimented.  I never realised how naked my brows looked before.  Giving them a bit of colour really does complete a look.  I'll even go so far as to say that when wearing make-up, I feel silly if I forget to do my brows.  I prefer the look powder gives them but for practicality and lack of smudge a pencil is far more logical a choice.  In typical Mama Undone style (or lack thereof) I go for the cheapest as all I want is a bit of colour and at £1 a pop including a brush you can't beat MUA Eyebrow pencil.

I'm suppose to tag five people here to do this themselves yet rather, if you're reading this and you'd like to take part, consider yourself tagged!


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