Toys R Us Toyologist: Lego City Cargo Heliplane Review

Monday, 28 April 2014

The wonderful people at Toys R Us sent us, as part of their Toyologist programme, the Lego City Cargo Heliplane to review.

Now I'll be honest, we're not technically a Lego family. I know, we're strange. We've just never had the Lego hysteria.

Yet play and a good challenge? Now we're talking.

Upon arrival The Spawn were all unexpectedly excited it and couldn't wait to have a go!

If you're anything like us and can't leave something until it's finished it's best to set aside a good few hours, a large clear space and if your children are on the younger end of the recommended age spectrum (5-12yrs) ensure you're available to help!


* The project is split into three parts each separated into their own clearly numbered bags. This helps break the project up into manageable chunks so as not to appear too overwhelming. It also means if you have a younger child with a shorter attention span you can do it across several sessions without losing pieces yet still having something completed at each stage.

* The instructions are clear and concise in the form of diagrams making it easy for both my seven and nine year old to follow independently.

* The project starts off small to encourage concentration and to produce the feel good factor of completion building up to the larger more intense part of the project.

* Promotes fine motor skills, even our four year old enjoyed putting the people together.

* Helps them tune their problem solving skills. It's inevitable that the odd bit will go on wrong and it ensures they have to retrace their steps and self correct.

* Encourages concentration and instills a sense of achievement at completion

* Is great for both individual quiet play yet can also be done as part of a team.  Great family activity!

* At the end of it they have something engaging to play with aiding imaginative play.


* It is fiddly in parts which can lead to frustration.

* Even with an adult applying pressure firmly to connect the pieces once completed the items do come apart. This can be disheartening for the child who spent ages constructing it and then wants to 'play' with it.

* Despite the above, if they do go wrong and need to prise two pieces apart. ... good luck!  I can guarantee if will be your job to separate the pieces!

All in all this is a fab addition to a lego enthusiasts collection yet also makes a cracking stand alone set. As an adult you'll find it hard to step away and not 'help' too much! There's something addictive about Lego and seeing it all come together.

Perfect rainy day activity and would make a lovely gift.

The majority of this was constructed by Thing Two our patient and methodical seven year old.  She seemed to thoroughly enjoy sinking her teeth into the project and it kept her busy for most of the afternoon.  Our not so patient nine year old didn't really have the concentration needed to see it through.

Just a tip. ... make sure you have something to entertain the younger children. The Preschooler was very enthusiastic about wanting to 'help' in his own unique lego stealing and destructive way. It was just too tempting for him!

*** I received this item from Toys R Us as part of the Toyologist team to review.  All opinions are my own.


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