The Preschooler's 4th Birthday

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Yes, The Spawn are terribly deprived children who've never had a proper birthday party.  I know, I know we're terrifically mean.

We used to celebrate The Spawns Birthday by inviting close family members around for buffet and cake yet as our brood increased including the felines and with limited space it's terrible impractical.  Not to mention all that bother cooking and preparing the food etc.  It's all a bit of a ball ache and a trifle claustrophobic with so many bums and so little space.  It would take up the entire day and was frightfully exhausting, mentally.

So last year we turned it all around.  We now go out to eat to celebrate The Spawns birthdays, at lunchtime.  They get to select the where and we invite the family to join us should they like to.  Everyone has a fantastic time and we all get to go our separate ways and enjoy the rest of the day afterwards.

The Preschoolers birthday started with him opening and playing with his presents and cards from us at home, having a nice intimately quiet morning, just the 5 (+bump) of us.  The Preschooler chose to eat at The Chinese Buffet, one of his favourate restaurants, where we met both sets of grandparents, one of his cousins and one of his uncles.

Following that we went home for another hour or so, relaxing and generally attempting to recover from our gluttony when we realised the day was beautiful and we already had bus tickets for the day so we went to a park that was two bus journies away.  The only decent parks to us are around a 1.5 mile walk away, uphill homewards bound so it's nice when in the posession of Bus tickets to go to a park of choice.  We chose Close Park in Radcliffe which The Spawn dubbed 'Violet Park' many years ago as this is the name they gave to the giant dinosaur sculpture as you enter.  For me, I like a part that has separate areas for bigs and smalls to limit the chances of smalls getting knocked about yet I also like there to be space to play with balls etc, grassland.  This park fits the bill perfectly.

So they ran, they played and fun was had by all.  The sun was shining and the park was blissfully un-busy, enough people for it to be interesting yet not at all crowded.  As none drivers and limited pennies for public transport it can at times feel rather stifling so it's terrific to see The Spawn set loose and free to enjoy the space and outdoors.

The Birthday Boy was a hurricane of motion all day.

They played.

The day was beautiful.

Thing Two had fun,

The littlies played well together.

Thing One had fun.

Despite my phobia of swans, geese and peacocks I adore ducks.

The Boys were being boys.

The other park visitors all appeared to possess that rarity known as park etiquette keeping dogs and foul language away from the  play areas, with no obvious Alpha Children pushing their luck.

The only downside was upon departure, myself and the boys were desperate for a wee.  Just like last time we visited this park appear to see the need to lock up the toilets ridiculously early.  It's okay for the boys much easier for them to discreetly relieve themselves al fresco.  I however, being pregnant, had a ridiculoiusly  uncomfortably full bladder which had to remain that way for the hour journey home.  Cheers Bury Council. Brilliant.  You're so thoughtful.

Having questioned The Preschooler on his favourate part of his whole day he replied that it was having a blue ice lolly that turned his teeth lips and tongue blue.  The simple things eh?

So lots of presents, seven buses, a huge lunch, a play in the park and back home for butties for tea and a quick flying visit from one of his other uncles and one of his cousins.

If that's not a perfect birthday, what is? Spent with people you love and who love you right back, doing the things you love.

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