The Bad Mother's Handbook: how to successfully steal your child's chocolate.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter loot is much easier to store if you get rid of all the excess packaging and break up the eggs into bite size pieces.  These can then be stored along with the sweets etc in zip lock bags or tupperware tubs.  Write each child's name on their bag to avoid war breaking out.  

The other bonus of storing them like this is that you can routinely pinch their loot and they rarely realise.  It's not as obvious when pieces from a whole bag of pieces go missing. Likewise it's harder to keep track of how much should be in there.  Win!

I believe is terribly important that children learn valuable life lessons so also use easter as an opportunity to introduce the notion of tax under the notion of chocolate tax. Thus every time a child earns some chocolate it's your responsibility to tax it. Essentially they have to hand over some of their chocolate before they can eat some. 

Of course we're only thinking of their teeth. Honest. 


  1. My mother did this to me for years! I swear she ate more chocolate than I did!

    Very clever!


    1. My mother wasn't as clever although she did score all the orange smarties, always. She told her firstborn they were poisonous for kiddies or something equally mean lol

  2. It's our burden as moms to tax our children's chocolate, as we guide them into the world of taxation.

  3. That's probably the first thing I want to do when I see my house filled with Easter eggs is take them out the boxes. Makes you realise though that without the huge boxes and packaging there isn't much left

    1. ...even less once I get my hands on them here.


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