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Friday, 11 April 2014

Oh dear I do believe i'm rather on a ranting roll, again.  Bollocks.

If there's one thing that utterly irritates me it's thoughtless and inconsiderate congregating.  Not to be sexist seeing as I myself am a woman, but woman are generally the culprits.

How many times have you tried to enter or exit a shop only to find you can't because two or more woman illogically decided to have a natter there.  Out of all the places, they choose there.  Because obviously nobody else could possibly need to get past.  Ditto when they randomly decide to do it in the middle of the bloody shopping aisles.  I would say excuse me only my trolley accidentally decided to mow you down.  Sorry.

Take nursery.  Parents are allowed to accompany their children inside each morning.  You take your child in, help them hang their coat up, kiss them goodbye then get the fuck out of the way.  Oh no, not at our Nursery.  Parents gather, hover and generally get in the way.  The Preschooler has to literally fight his way through these belligerent clueless imbeciles to get to his coat peg. How is this fair on the small people? These are adults, show some spacial awareness.  Show an iota of awareness to your surroundings and whilst you're at it, some good old fashioned consideration for other people.  After hanging his coat up I often scoop the little fellow up just to help him get through the parents and to the safety of his carpet space.

Another school example.  There's two main exits/ways in.  Obviously each morning and home time 90% of the schools population will need to use these.  It's the only way to get in and out.  So why oh why do the same people insist on congregating outside the gate, fag in hand, dog on lead and foul language a plenty, children chomping at the bit whilst they have a good old natter.  You're in the bloody way! Have your natter across the road near the wall, or in the playground.  What possible good could come out of blocking the school gate/path at the school run time?  It's utter inconsideration.

Yes sometimes you don't expect to bump into someone, a quick hello turns into a catchup, that's fine.  Just bloody move out of the way!

It's people like this that make me feel I deserve far more credit for not acting upon my homicidal impulses.


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