15 ways in which Toddlers and Husbands are alike.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ever thought just how alike your Toddler and Husband are?

1. If you disagree with them, they both restate their point louder and louder until you do agree.

2. They both snore, hog the duvet and drool on your pillow

3. They both need to shit when you are in the bath.

4. They both throw tantrums when something doesn't go their way.

5.  They're both hideously possessive over the TV remote

6. And grossly territorial over the sofa

7.  Neither will listen to a single word you say.

8. Both will turn their nose up at your cooking

9. Both will tantrum if you don't offer to help them.

10. Both will tantrum if you do offer to help them.

11. If you do help, I can guarantee both will tell you you're doing it all wrong.  Then tantrum.

12. Both will throw things across the room if they can't make/fix it.

13. Both whinge when they're taken shopping.

14. Neither can be relied upon to co-ordinate an outfit.

15. They both sulk, tremendously, if you dare point out they're wrong.


  1. Hahha this is great. I am always saying that Mr P is acting like a toddler. I can now show him this as proof Hilarious! #sharefriday

    1. Yet I bet if confronted with this fact they'll stamp their feet and shout 'I'm not! '

  2. Hehe, this is brilliant. You're so right - men are exactly like (perhaps even worse than!) toddlers!

  3. Haha YES my husband is worse than my toddler and generates more mess

  4. This is so true! Has your husband read this? Brilliant! #sharefriday

    1. He tried and inevitably failed to challenge it ;)

  5. Haha love this post! So so so true!!
    x x

  6. Haha! This is brilliant!! Definitely made me laugh! ;)

  7. Bahahahaha. As I read this, my husband & toddler are both stretched out taking every inch of the couch. One is snoring & the other is clutching onto the report like it's next week's winning lottery numbers. Enjoyed this :) #sharefriday


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