16 reasons why your toddler may in fact be a dog (& vice versa)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I miss The Dog terribly, there is an incredible hole in the family without him, yet if you think about it...... if you have a toddler or preschooler, they're practically the same.  One is just slightly less furry than the other.....

1. They both randomly lick and slobber on you.

2. They both get pissed off if you go out without them.

3. Both like walkies

4. Both announce in their own special ways when they need the loo.  Then expect you to clean up after them.

5. Both need grooming.

6. Both nick your food

7. Both will jump all over your furniture, with mucky paws.

8. Bath time is an... interesting and incredibly wet affair with both of them.

9. Both fetch you their toys and demand you play then have the audacity to get pissy, because you have their toy.

10. Both wait until you finally sit down and relax before they full on assault you with a physical display of their uhm ... 'Love'

11. Both physically attach themselves to people that dare to visit your home.

12. Both have a special relationship with the postman/letterbox.

13. Both follow you around the house, get under your feet and threaten to be the cause of you tumbling down the stairs.

14. Both insist on accompanying you to the loo.

15. Both can be trained to fetch your slippers, yet will try and keep them for themselves.

16. They're both noisy little sods.


  1. This is brilliant. Never put the two together but after reading this. Yep so true. The going to the loo.... No peace they come right on in... No privacy what so ever...

    1. It's amazing what 2 and 2's your brain can put together when you have insomnia *L* Thanks for reading :)


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