Things your parents never bought you

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Do you remember when you was a child those things that you nagged and begged for yet never got?   You asked at Christmas and Birthdays and everybody else had them, except you.  Do you remember how mad you were at the sheer and utter unfairness of it all?  How completely and absurdly mean your parents were?  The absolute injustice of it all?  Well, here are five of the things that spring to my mind when I think of the things my parents never bought me....

1. Mr Frosty

I wanted one of these badly.  I still to this day haven't been given an actual reason from The Parents as to why they never ever got me one despite me pleading.  Bastards.

2. Cabbage Patch Doll

These were all the rage in the 80's.  Everyone was getting them.  Everyone except me that is.  Why?  The Mother refused to be me one purely because they were, in her opinion, too hideously ugly.  Which is odd seeing as it wasn't for her.

3. Hocky boots

My Google-Fu for an image is failing me here.  I had the mandatory roller boots, hell despite being somewhat terrified of them I even had a roller-disco birthday party one year yet when all the cool kids upgraded their roller boots to chunky Hockey Boots, I wasn't allowed any.  It was so unfair.

4. Scooter

I adored my bike (which I rode until my knees were over the handlebars as The Mother hates bikes and refused to ever let me have another) yet these BMX-style scooters were incredibly popular and very cool.  Did I get one?  Did I heck as like.

5. boy doll

A neighbour had two Zapf baby dolls, I think she called them Susan and Daniel. Not only were they twins but one was a boy! Oh how I  lusted after those dolls, yet I never ever had a boy doll.  The woe, the woe! I tell you.  It was unbearable.

Now don't get me wrong, there were plenty of things I did get, perhaps my next post will highlight some of my favourate childhood toys.  For now though, I'll wallow in the corner and indulge in some true emo-ness over the things I never had.

So, cast your mind back to your childhood.  What toys did you really want yet never got?


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