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Saturday, 22 February 2014

So following on from The Things My Parents Never Bought Me post, as promised, I feel it's only fair that I follow it up with some of the things they did buy me, you know, just to prove they weren't insufferably mean and intolerably ghastly humans.  Well not all the time anyway.....

I present to you some of the life fulfilling toys, if only for a few seconds after opening, that The Parents bought me as a child.

1. My Child

I'm sure if you were a girl child of the 1980s you'll remember these.  I still remember going to Toys R Us to choose mine, being faced with a vast wall of them, all apparently different.  The idea was you chose one that looked just like you.  I chose one with dark golden blonde hair and blue-green eyes.  She was mine, all mine.  My own special, mini-me.  Her skin was a peachy soft felt, her nose button-like...she even had a belly button.  I named her Victoria, yet always called her Vicky.

She was one of the few dolls to survive many of The Mothers cruel toy culls, and upon rescuing her from the loft, Thing Two instantly fell in love with her and adopted her.  So, nearly 28 years after I adopted her from the toy shop, she's still being loved by a new generation, by my true walking talking mini-me.

2. Lights Alive

 One of my favourate toys, ever.  One of the few toys that lived up to the expectations the adverts created.  I got it one Christmas and it was solely responsible for my survival of the lengthy across the country Christmas jaunt to visit The Relatives.  There was just something so magical about the lights.  Unlike my Etch A Sketch which was just an early lesson in how futile, pointless and bloody annoying life can be.  I still remember the day, many moons ago, when I found it in the garage with the battery compartment completely annihilated by a battery leak.  I should have been far too old to care yet I was still traumatised by the sight.

3. My little blue trike

Okay so mine wasn't red and nor did it have a basket but you get the idea.  I had a shiny blue metal trike (none of that plastic crap we get these days).  It was epic, man. My first real wheels (If you don't count the plastic blue ride-on rabbit thing).  My freeeeeedom.  I even remember the Tony The Tiger sticker I had on the front of it.  It was beautiful. I remember as soon as we moved to Essex in 1984, I pounced on the removal trucks and demanded my trike.  I sat proud at the top of our new driveway and wheeeeee.  Splat.  Ouch. Well, the drive was long enough to easily fit about 4 cars length ways and two across and was a hill.

4. My Little Pony Dream Castle

I only ever had about three ponies (and some baby quads, they were twins but I got two sets one Christmas.  They came in a pony pram and everything...) but it didn't matter because I had The Castle so, in your face suckers!.

5. Big yellow Teapot.

Possibly one of my absolute favourate toys. Ever.  I played with this endlessly. I dreamed of my own kids playing with this only to be heartbroken when The Husband rescued it from The Parents loft (along with a dead squirrel, called Rigor) to find that all the pieces were missing.  All of them.  Never would my children experience the joy of the lifty uppy twirly merry go round as you lifted the lid up (it was now jammed)

6. Keypers

These were just one of the things you simply had to have.  It's not even like anybody ever played with them, that much.  All my friends seemed to get the swan, I got Tango (and one of the rubbery baby ones, a penguin) Oh and yes, I still have them and they're in near mint condition.

7. Go For It!

One of my favourate board games ever.  Why?  Simply because The Parents messed up.  It was on The Brothers Christmas list yet they mistakenly bought it for me instead. Ha! 

I could add to this list all day, the more I write...the more I remember.

So, what were your favourate childhood toys?


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