Naan Bread Pizza

Monday, 24 February 2014

I've found my new favourate quick lunch fix, inspired by a post from the lovely Nigella's Facebook.

Home made pizza can be absolutely divine however, it can also be time consuming, messy and you need to plan in advance.  Alternatively shop bought pizza bases are often akin to cardboard in texture and indeed taste.  French bread, wraps and even toasted muffins are all very well yet they fail to give you a substantial and believable pizza experience.

However, shop bought naan breads although not a patch on hand made ones are actually not half bad.

For this ten minute yummy lunch I used:

* One garlic and coriander naan bread
* Some passata (you could always use ketchup or tomato puree)
* Some mixed herbs
* two fresh mushrooms
* Some mixed grated cheese (I bought a bag from Morrison's that was grated Edam, Monteray Jack, Mature Chedder and Mozerella mixed together.  Any cheese will suffice though, whatever you happen to have in the fridge)
* Chopped slices of turkey

(Obviously go to town with whatever toppings you like)

I won't give you an egg to suck by boring you with the how's I think it's pretty self explanatory.  Put it all together then whack in the oven for ten minutes and voila...delicious hot satisfying pizza in ten minutes.

It even passed The Spawn test as all three of the buggers tried to steal it.


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