Let's go outside

Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's been a dreadful half term full of grey gloom and rain.  No transport, no money and ghastly weather has meant for a tiring existence with all three of The Spawn tearing chunks from each other in spats.

Yet there's one thing that needs only one of the above and that would be a break in the rain.  Seizing this rare opportunity, The Husband, Thing One, The Preschooler and I all embarked upon a little trek.  Thing Two opted to stay at home with The Mother instead who was visiting that day and apparently had 'the wrong boots' for this kind of shenanigans.  Despite a fatigue so intense it's withering me, I was determined to go too, knowing that pregnancy isn't at all kind to my mobility as it attacks my pelvis, hips and backs and that I never know how bad it will progress nor how debilitating it will be.  

A walk really can clear the mental cobwebs if only for a while as it momentarily resets the soul.


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