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Friday, 28 February 2014

My name's Mama Undone and I'm a bookophile.  I always have been.   As a child I was allowed to access the adult library early because I'd read through the children's section.  Often The Mother would have to explain to friends that I wasn't coming out to play because I was reading.  Even now, I read and read and then read some more.  So, it's of no great surprise that The Spawn are enthusiastic and dedicated little book lovers.

This got be reminiscing about the books I read and enjoyed in my youth. I remember the mandatory things such as Fuzz Buzz, Bangers & Mash and Topsy and Time etc but what about the books we chose?  The ones we liked?  There's far too many to possibly list, I have had a long reading journey with eclectic tastes but here are a few that stick out in my memory.....

* Winnie -the- Pooh [A. A. Milne]

Brother 2 (The Golden Son) was gifted a copy of this by his Godfather in 1976.  I have fond memories of The Mother reading this to me, chapter by chapter, at bedtimes when I was but a small girl.  I also remember The Brothers Grim creeping into the room to listen whilst pretending they weren't really listening to it at all.  

I've always had a soft spot for those that live within the 100 Acre Wood.

Whenever we went to the dentist, as a child, there was a book I was drawn towards every time in the waiting room about a rather rambunctious little dog called Hairy Maclary.  I'd rush towards the book corner as soon as we arrived knowing that everything would be just fine so long as that book was there.  I think part of me saw it as my book that just happened to lodge at the dentists.

Naturally as soon as I procreated I was anxious to see if this precious book still existed so imagine my sheer delight upon seeing there's a whole series of them!  I don't know who enjoys them the most, myself or The Preschooler.

I remember reading all about The Five Children and It way before it became a tv series.  I had this set of books all in the same red hardback covers embossed with gold writing.

I read the series of these books too.

I remember reading this several times yet to this day I've never seen the film


I can't think of many girls who grew up in the 80s-90s who didn't read Judy Bloom books, finally 'graduating' to Forever which saw to the fact that never again would you look upon the name Ralph without sniggering.

As I embarked upon the teenage years other books sneaked in such as Point Romance, Point Horror, Making Out series, Sweet Valley University books finally leading on to Discworld, Poppy Z Brite, Anne Rice, Chuck Palahniuk, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Bram Stoker etc in my late teens.

Lets not forget the books we were made to read for our GCSEs such as To Kill a Mocking Bird which I adored and at A'level .... works by Seamus Heaney who I utterly loathed.

Which books remind you of growing up?  Which were your favourates?


  1. i began with the wonderful Dr. Seuss series my mother would read every night. once i learned to read myself, i moved on to the classic titles like moby dick, little women, 20,000 leagues under the sea, ect. i remember getting them as a 7 book set for my birthday one year. from there, i went on to read out entire library branches, and even reading our encyclopedia britannica set in full due to boredom whilst waiting for the next piers anthony (dillingham jacob) novel to be released.
    to this day, i still have a habit of reading through the full collection of fiction, sf/f, mystery,ect. at every library near my home at the time, as well as the YA section.
    i have recently discovered the convenience and relatively low prices of E-Books, and while it's not nearly as satisfying to read on a screen with no page to turn, it does assuage my literary cravings for a time.

  2. I had a box set of books by Beverley Nichols ( The Magic Woodland Trilogy) The Tree that Sat Down, The Stream that Stood Still and the Mountain of Magic. They were such a favourite if mine as was The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper, which I reread sometimes as its like an old old friend

  3. Ooh I did love Judy Blume as well as the Famous Five x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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