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Thursday, 9 January 2014

I anticipate that this particular entry will make me rather unpopular, yet what is the point of having an opinion and a blog and not marrying the two, neh?  This isn't meant to offend, it's merely an explanation of my personal take on this, to which I'm entitled to.

Many of you may be partaking in the recent 'Dry January' bandwagon for charity.  This entry is about why I'm not sponsoring you.

I commend your intent to raise money for charity,  I do.  However, if you want sponsoring for something, I'm afraid you have to do something that is worthy of being sponsored for.  Run a marathon, climb a mountain, bungee jump, shave off your hair there's a multitude of challenging acts and feats you could do.  Not consuming alcohol for a month, quite frankly, isn't one of them. Am I the only person who thinks this is somewhat lame? If it is such a difficulty to not consume alcohol for one measly month then perhaps it's not the monetary kind of sponsorship you should be looking for.  It strikes me as a rather egotistical choice of event to demand sponsoring for.  I'd not sponsor someone for giving up smoking, giving up drugs or losing weight either.  These are all things that if you're willing to request sponsorship for, suggest that they're a problem for you and Charity should not be your excuse to sort it out.  You should be your own excuse.

Raising money for charity shouldn't be about you.  It should be about the Charity and raising both money and awareness for it.  Sponsorship should be for doing something challenging.  Not drinking alcohol, really shouldn't be a challenge for you.

So here's an idea, if you're genuinely worried bout your alcohol consumption see your doctor.  If you just think it's a cute bandwagon to jump on then why not just flat out donate what YOU would normally spend on alcohol, direct to Charity?

So yes, I think it's terribly good of you to want to raise money for charity, yet until I see something that's actually worthy of sponsoring i'll stick to just merely straight out donating direct.


  1. Have to say that I'm totally with you on this one. I also find the term "dryathlete" particularly hysterical ;)
    I feel like this about many of these things though, it seems like every day someone I know is doing something they want sponsorship for and more often than not the charity has been chosen after they chose to do the event which shows the priorities.
    When my daughter and I did the Color Run, I did set up a sponsorship page (as it seemed like a bonus for a charity to get some money) but I didn't promote it as I knew that I had chosen to do the Color Run for us, not for charity.

    1. Dryathelete makes me snort brain juice out my nose !!!

  2. Hahaha! This made me chuckle. I agree with you about sponsoring in general. It really grates on my nerves. But yes, I think if the want to do something big like climbing a mountain or sky diving then I might think about sponsoring them.

    I am actually going dry for January - but not for charity. Just because I felt the need to abstain for a while - until 25th anyway when I have a hen do to go to.

    I love a good grumpy post! Go you!

    1. Exactly, i'n not against sponsoring.....I just wish people would do something worthy of sponsoring.

  3. I agree with this post too - I do think that raising money in any form is good so if it works, fine. But I wouldn't personally sponsor someone for this - I'd rather give direct to the charity generally anyway rather than sponsor. Xxx

  4. Yes, yes, yes
    Ive been thinking this myself too.

    I think giving up something like alcohol is just for the person, it's not something anything can prove either. do we know if they have a drink or not?

    Fab post

  5. Bang on! You're so right, I agree with Katherine E above, I'd rather give direct to a charity of my choice

  6. I have to agree with you on this one too. :)

  7. Hear hear! I'm glad of your forthright opinion!


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