It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Friday, 20 December 2013

Yet it doesn't feel it.  Yes, i'm absolutely not feeling Christmas this year.  The tree has been up since the first as have the decorations, the turkey is in the freezer and the presents are finally all wrapped much to the relief of my back and remnants of frayed sanity. I'm blaming the weather, how terribly British of me, though to be specific i'm blaming the very distinct lack of snow.  I love snow.  Without it everything is just unforgivably grey and inexcusably cold.

It doesn't help that The Husband is an absolute Bah Humbug who'd probably quite happily delete Christmas from existence should he be able to.  I'm excited for the children yet i'd rather like to be excited, just a little bit, for me too.   It's awfully satisfying having spawn to be excited for yet it's not really the same as having an equal to be excited with.  It all feels fake and draining.  There's no immediate outside family nor friends to evoke any festivity. I used to be frightfully giddy with the sparkle, glitz and fun associated with Christmas yet now it's just all flat.  I confess I mourn the death of it's sparkle, of my sparkle.

The Parents with The Brother are finally in situ at The Motherships abode in Spain though the journey was not without it's detours, mainly a detour to a french hospital where my dad ended up as an inpatient for several days after breaking his nose, from falling on his face.  Yes, really.  Several days, an ECG, a MRI and a CT scan later and they were back en route.  Needless to say their Christmas photo's will be...interesting.

The Toddler has been recovering from the lurgy of doom with the aid of narrowly escaping a trip to the hospital, some  steroids, plenty of breastfeeding, plenty of naps, several tantrums and some antibiotics and is currently making up for not eating for nigh a week through eating 24/7 now.

After a discussion with a terribly lovely GP who i'd never had the pleasure of meeting before we mutually decided to wean me off my current meds.  Yes, near Christmas.  We apparently must have a dark sense of humour.

I've had allergies/a cold of doomy doom for several weeks now and am close to gouging my eyes out with soup spoon whilst punching my nose from my face.

We've had two excellent end of term school reports, a fabulous class assembly and an amazing nativity play and Things One and Two as of today are now officially off school for Christmas.  Oh fuck.

Add to this a myriad of woes and surprises many of which I either won't bore you with or simply can't talk about.

So yes.... Christmas. Bah Humbug ;)


  1. I feel the same way you do. This year has flown by so fast and it doesn't feel like it should be Christmas just yet. However, it is here and I am trying to embrace the memories.

  2. Crikey your poor dad!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog this year lovely and I'm really hoping 2014 is a little more sparkle filled for you x


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