Quiz: Are you ready for parenthood?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chances are at some point in life you may ask yourself, 'Am I ready to be a parent?' There is no real answer to this conundrum, however, why not take the quiz below and see how you score?

Read the following statements.  For each statement that applies to you give yourself a point.

1. I love l'eau de vomit.
2. I love company when i'm wee'ing.
3. I don't mind poo under my fingernails
4. Jam/porridge/vomit/peanut butter is my hair product of choice
5. I can't wait to have tits that dust my toes
6. I don't value my sex life at all.
7. Sleep is for the weak.  I thrive on several hours of broken sleep a night.
8. My washing machine is my favourate appliance.
9. My walls just need to be scribbled on.
10. My favourate question to be asked is 'Why?' every few minutes.  Every day.  Forever.
11. I am enamoured with the thought of being bossed around by a self created army.
12. I love snot.  That isn't mine.  Wiped all over me.
13. I don't have white furnature.
14. Or new carpet.
15. I am a champion at bagging octopus' coated in oil
16. I can count to ten, whilst breathing deeply before exploding.
17. I love arguing with irrational small people whilst shopping.
18. I love guilt.
19. and public humiliation and embarrassment
20. I'm an expert bogey extractor.

If you scored more than 18, commiserations congratulations you're insane ready to be a parent!


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