Parents Evening.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I shall warn you in advance this is one of those sickening proud parent posts that make you want to stick too fingers down your throat and roll your eyes.  Sorry.  Or not.

This week was Parents evening or should we say parents afternoon.  First up was a meeting with Thing Two's teacher.  Seeing as there was no report to reflect upon and peruse in advance it was merely an opportunity to see how he's settled into year 5.  Egads, I still can't quite get used to saying that.  I won't tell a lie, as endearing and utterly fabulous as he is, at home he's also a git.  I can say that, he's mine.  If you say it, I'll mess you up, okay? Not a day goes by when Thing One and The Husband don't clash magnificently (Oh if only they could see how similar they actually are) He's a drama queen and an times utterly exasperating yet he's also charming, caring, witty and astute.  Yet be it at The Grandparents or at school, we're assured he's composed and incredibly well behaved bar the usual young boy trait of silliness that seems to be in their genes, or their balls or something like that.  I especially worry about Thing One as he is the youngest in his year.  Had he been born two weeks later he would have been in the year below.  I needn't have worried.  His teacher was positively aglow with praise for him, his attitude to learning is apparently wonderful.  Not only did she endorse him academically but more importantly as a person.  She did the usual reeling off of levels that we're somehow supposed to understand, yet don't as we smile, uhm and ahhhh in the right places whilst wondering whatever happened to the good old grading system.  He's apparently a 4B in reading and writing and a 4C in Mathematics, whatever that means.  He has been genuinely enthusiastic about his new teacher, I was rather dubious at first as he's had predominantly male teachers for many years yet he seems to have gelled instantly with this rather lovely woman. Anyway, she's happy and he's happy which means we're happy. Job's a good 'un.

Which takes us to Thing Two.  The opposite end of the spectrum, she is one of the very eldest in her year having started school nearly a full year later than her brother did.  She's opposite in other ways too, as dramatic and emotively bulimic as he is she's restrained and at times insular.  He's an vibrant open book whereas she's guarded and locked.  Her teacher opened the meeting with 'What can I say about her really?  She's an absolute star but then you know that as she's your star' and concluded with 'she will have no difficulty whatsoever in being whatever she wants to be in life.  She can and will do anything'  Apparently she'll easily be a level three before the end of year 2. Whatever that means.  She has a habit of being adored by academic staff.  So once again happy all round.

Obviously we're proud of their achievements academically but the part I like most about parent meetings is the pride I feel about them as people in their own right, their attitude, their effort, their personalities, their manners, their behaviour, their blinding sparks that light up rooms.

I love them so terribly much for being so terribly them.

You can put the bucket away now.  Normal service shall be resumed shortly.


  1. Glad they are doing well, I don't understand all the numbers either

  2. Brag away! There is nothing like hearing that your child is not only doing well in school, but is a lovely person as well. That is awesome! We just had parent/teacher conferences and had lovely experience like that too. It is thrilling!


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