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Thursday, 21 November 2013

You know you are subjected to far too much children's television when you find yourself genuinely mulling over the following observations, or maybe I just need a life? Below are just a small fraction of what I ponder...

* The council tax and home insurance must be extortionately high in Pontypandy.

* Why hasn't Norman Price been sent to a juvenile detention centre or been slapped with an ASBO?

* What happened to Mr Price?

* Does Fireman Sam sleep in his uniform?

* Is Fireman Sam a virgin?

* Where are Max & Ruby's parents?  It's utterly irresponsible to let young Ruby look after Max, she's only about 6.

* Why is Dora allowed out on her own?

* If anyone could potentially use the Omnitrix and Ben 10 just happened to find it, why has nobody drugged him and stolen it or chopped his arm off and stolen it?

* Has Diego had a Rabies jab?

* Shouldn't Postman Pat have retired by now?  How come he never ages?

* What drugs were the creators of Booh Bahs on and can I have some?

*  Why are the Wottingers so misanthropic?  Have the Pontipines butchered them in their sleep?  Are they a cult?

*  What do Phineas and Ferb feed Perry?

* Why doesn't The Bubble Guppies hair move and swirl under water?

* How have Carrie and Dave not been kidnapped and held somewhere far far far away from our televisions?


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