Sunday, 17 November 2013

I absolutely understand that many charities feel the need to be 'seen' and thus harass random plebs upon the street under the guise of 'raising awareness'.  They're only marginally less repulsive than those who knock on your door, however there are a few who seem not to take 'No' for an answer.  Once upon a time you'd get someone rattling a plastic donation thing where as a kid you'd delight in being given a handful of shrapnel to post through the slot and usually be rewarded with a sticker.  Occasionally you'd get a somewhat optimistic collector who'd have a bucket, because sometimes you have to dream big.  It was rare that they'd actively approach you, they'd just make themselves visible and give you the option to approach and donate, if you did they always seemed ever so grateful.

These days walking round town is akin to a stint Takeshis Castle as you try and weave, dodge and outsmart the leering vulture breed of collectors who randomly leap into your path all hard gazed and fake smiled and with extraordinarily forward body language they manage to literally block out the world and prevent you from passing.  There's no collection boxes and not even any stickers.  Oh no, these guys don't want your loose change, they want your bank details and possibly your blood and first born too.  'No' is simply not an option to these guys who layer on the guilt actively trying to weedle their way into your conscience and become so overbearing many people will donate just to get them out of their way.  The Husband dared to say no once and actually got a right mouthful from the uncharitable bint who was ironically working for charity.

Then there's today, this really took the biscuit.  Whilst walking through town The Husband overheard someone talking to a scavenger of a Charity harrasser.  The person was explaining that they would love to donate, were more than willing to give out their bank details but could only afford £2 a week.  Did the Charity representative say thank you?  Were they gracious ?  Were they fuck. They replied curtly with 'It has to be £2 a week.  We can't set it up for any less.  You need to give us £2 a week'

Whatever happened to beggars can't be choosers? What about every little helps?

This new breed of charity collectors are even more malignant then those pushy energy suppliers etc who attempt to sucker you in on the streets.  They are relentless and vile.  These are hard times and not everyone can afford to give. Charity shouldn't be conditional on bank details.

Charity is the voluntary giving of help, it shouldn't be ciphered out through coercing and harassment.

I'll stick to the collection boxes, stickers and those fuzzy things with eyes thankyou very much.  I'll give because I want to.  Because I can.  Because it's asked not demanded.

As money is short we often donate items instead to charity shops.  We pick the shops and we take them direct to them.  Generally they're very appreciative.

Apart from the charity The Mother approached.  She wanted to donate to them a load of furniture that although not fashionable nor new it was in impeccable condition and was expensive.  Did they offer to collect it with gratitude and appreciation?  No, they uhhmed and ahh'ed and said they'd take a look at it first.  They then tsked and became picky about what they'd take with them.  Bare in mind The Mother could have easily got several hundreds of pounds for these on eBay.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but quite frankly I found this rude and terribly ungrateful.

Don't even get me started on the well known chain of charity shop who sold a £3 digital clock to The Husband, accepted his money and then tried to prevent him leaving the shop with the item until he handed over his name and address for 'warranty reasons' stating it was 'mandatory', yes...for a £3 second hand clock from a charity shop.  Just another way to try and con personal details out of you, because obviously buying from them isn't enough.  Needless to say The Husband was having none of it and told them so in no uncertain terms.

Don't get me wrong, there are many decent charity shops and amazing charity workers out there with genuine and dedicated  people working for them who are passionate without being aggressive.  There's just also some total twunts too.


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