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Saturday, 5 October 2013

At Things One & Two's school they have, every Friday, what are known as Star assemblies for the infants and the juniors.  Throughout the week teachers award silver stars to their pupils for behaviour, effort, achievement etc.  Should a child have over 25 stars they receive a certificate, should they receive 30+ they get a certificate and something from the prize box such as bubbles or colouring pencils etc.  Thing Two is an old hand at this and rarely has a week gone by when she hasn't received a certificate, like I've said before she's so beautifully strange, well behaved and ridiculously clever, I sometimes wonder if she's really ours.

Last night I found her sat at her desk recreating, by hand, one of the certificates in impressive detail yet awarded to....her teacher.  This morning in class she handed it to her Teaching Assistant and asked her to place it in the middle of the pile.  Later that day, in the assembly, her teacher was reading out the names of the children awarded certificates and obviously came to a hand drawn certificate with her own name on it.  The other year two teacher stepped in, took over the handing out of certificates whilst Thing Twos teacher was made to stand in line with the other recipients of certificates to be applauded.  Needless to say both staff and pupils found this frightfully fun and entertaining.

All of this was Thing Two's own idea.   Every last bit of it.

However, it's worth noting she only awarded her teacher 25 stars so the poor teacher didn't get to dip in the prizebox.  Better luck next time....


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