Thing Two and her memorable day.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Yesterday was terribly eventful for Thing Two.  It started with her class her Class Harvest Assembly which was all terribly twee, you know the usual small people stood murmuring lines with paper held up to their faces at hyper speed so that you can't understand what on earth it is they're saying whilst some baby in the audience goes bezerk .  Oh and lest us not forget the god songs, always an annoyance in a county primary school.  They class themselves as being diverse yet still attempt to go frightfully god bothery on the little cretins still practicing that mandatory and demeaning prayer at the end of assemblies.

However, yesterday Thing Two was to perform a song on her own (her class would join in the chorus) a song which she had written herself.  She did so beautifully, she'd memorised all the words to the song (and to her spoken lines in the assembly) She sang clearly, loudly and with poise.  As mentioned previously this was a considerable big deal.  I'm incredibly proud of this natural emergence of confidence that through not insisting she does things she has been let to grow her own esteem and she's absolutely flourishing.

I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed with the Head Teacher who predictably stepped in after the assembly to praise the children in her trademarked condescending voice, she is obviously well qualified in patronising, yet no mention was made of her performance.  Don't get me wrong, it's not because it was my daughter, it was the fact that a seven year old little girl took the initiative to write her own song at home, teach it to her class and do a virtually solo performance of it in front of teachers and children alike.  Regardless of who the child is, in my eyes that child deserved a special mention.

Later that morning as we were awaiting a bus to take us to the loony bin, we had a call from school to say that Thing Two had had a rather large nosebleed that had gone all over her (gorgeous new mini-boden) coat and would we like to take her a different coat and put this one in soak.  Another coat?  She only has one winter coat.  The way it was relayed to us made it seem apparent that it was just one of those random spontaneous nosebleeds people occasionally get.  They assured us she was perfectly fine in herself.

Come home time, Thing Two trots out of her class with her P.E top on and her coat in a plastic bag.  Turns out the reason her nose was bleeding was because another child accidentally threw a hard rubber ring at it in the playground.  Yes, smack bang at her nose.  Call me old fashioned but i'd class this as an incident and it would have expected to have been informed of it as such.  I was somewhat astounded that she didn't cry, surely a large nosebleed is frightening enough in itself without the added shock and pain of something hitting your nose to cause it?  I would have cried. Apparently she went to her teacher in the playground with her head tilted back yet let all the other squabbling and pushing children vying for the teachers attention go first just standing there, dripping blood, quietly.  Needless to say her teacher had quite the shock when she turned around to see Thing Two stood there covered in blood patiently and silently waiting her turn.  She attracted a rather large circle of boys who were tremendously impressed at all the blood.

In typical school fashion she was offered the cure-all of a wet paper towel.  Eye falling out?  Broken leg? Lurgy?  Here, have a wet paper towel.

So yes, yesterday was memorable in more ways than one for Thing Two.


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