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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Following on from the seasons song Thing Two composed and performed for me whilst I attempted to pee in peace, she sang it to the whole of her year at school, on her own.  Sometimes her confidence astounds me, it's all situation dependant.  She'll perform like a diva at home, stand in front of 60 children at school and recite her own song yet take her to a restaurant she's never been in before and she turns into some morose limpet.  Her teacher suggested she write a song for Harvest, in typical Thing Two style, she wrote two.  She sang both today to her class and they're going to use one of them in their upcoming class assembly.  She never ceases to amaze me.

Thing One appears to have been undertaking a series of tests at school this past week to which he has no idea as to why they're all doing them or even if let alone when they'll find out the results.  I was initially rather worried that he had a female teacher this year as he tends to respond better to strong male figures yet his new teacher is absolutely adorable and is terribly enthusiastic.  Her niche is literature and she is positively aglow with the fact Thing One is a book worm and is writing fantasy stories and he finds her enthusiasm encouraging.  He;s coming home smiling, with stickers and tales of excitment.

The Toddler generally entertains himself in independent play during the day.  Just watching him mesmerises me.  His games are so in depth and engrossing for him.  He has a million worlds in his head.   He possibly has the strongest imagination in the family.  Today however he decided go involve us and this morning consisted of 10 books, four jigsaws, Peppa Pig, cutting out catalogue pictures to form a Christmas list and yet he still found time to insult me with his insults du jour being 'plank', 'moron' and 'smarty pants'  I'm not quite sure as to whether I should be impressed or insulted.  I'll admit to being greatly proud when whilst reading about potatoes being treated for disease (yes, really) upon the word disease he immediately breaks into an Anthrax rendition of 'Disease! Disease! Spreading the disease!'

I should be asleep, I'm bone tired and soul tired yet insomnia is paying yet another visit.  So i'll leave you with a toddlerism from tonight and one of Thing Two's jokes....

Me: 'Go to sleep!'
The Toddler: 'Do you want to see the mountain on my foot?'
[The Toddler takes his sock of and points to his ankle. He then makes me put the sock back on]
Me: 'Wow, that's a super cool mountain.  Go to sleep now'
The Toddler: 'Do you want to see the mountain on my other foot?'
[rinse, repeat]


Thing Two:  There were two brothers called Stupid and Manners.  They were climbing at tree when stupid fell out so he went to the Dr.  The Dr asked him his name he said 'stupid!.' The Doctor said 'don't be rude, where's your manners?'  so Stupid said 'still in the tree'

See what I have to work with?


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