Wednesday, 23 October 2013

We may have many faults yet The Husband and I are rarely if ever late, despite the fact we are possibly the most unorganised people I know.  We even go so far as arriving early just to not be late.  So imagine our horror when the other day, I awoke looked at the clock and saw it was 8.28am.  Usually Thing One get ups ridiculously early much to The Husbands utter dismay yet Things One & Two were still fast asleep in bed as was The Husband downstairs and The Toddler next to me, upstairs. We leave the house at 08.40. Bollocks.  Arse. Panic.

I immediately roused Things One & Two and barked at them to get dressed whilst dressing myself and The Toddler.  Breakfast was flap jack and a pear en route, Thing Two's hair was brushed yet not tied back and her lunch had to be dropped off at school later as there was no time to make it.  Yet, somehow, miraculously not only did we get there, but with plenty of time to spare. Granted we walked at hyper-speed to the soundtrack of shitshitshitshitshit but we made it.  

There's always the one off excuse or reasons for why people might be late.  We're all human after all.  Maybe you overslept or you were about to leave the house when your baby fills their nappy that has to be changed or your car couldn't start....the shoe elves hid your shoes.  Shit happens.

Yet there is no excuse to be consistently late.  None.  There are always measures you can take to overcome it like getting up ten minutes earlier or leaving the house ten minutes earlier and getting things ready the night before. Thus it utterly bemuses me how some people can still be consistently late, every day.  Having seen the kids into school and embarking on leaving the grounds it's the same kids day in and day out who are arriving after the bell, their parents making them run at full pelt.  How is this fair on the children to be always late?  One of the children in particular I always shout 'afternoon!' after him each morning as he runs past.  These are not one offs.  It's the same children.  Infants and primary school children who rely on their parents to get them there.  What genuine reason could there be to be late, every single day?

We've even had friends and relatives who would appear to operate solely on their own time zone where 5 minutes is equal to an hour. What's that about?

The only thing worse than someone or something being late is when despite many open channels to notify you they don't.  Most of the time people don't mind if appointment times are running later or workmen and even deliveries are running late so long as you're notified.  People don't mind if kept in the loop and in the digital age of telephones, texts and e-mails there is no excuse to forgo the common courtesy of letting someone know that something or someone won't be on time.  


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