Monday, 14 October 2013

The Husband has often ridiculed me and my many random and seemingly irrational phobias, irrational being the point as he sees no reason to fear something if your fear itself is irrational.  He appears to have one fear, that being the  dentist.  We're not talking just getting a case of the wibbles, we're talking he has to go to hospital and be knocked out completely just to have a tooth extracted.  It just seems absurdly unfair that out of us all he is the one with the dental problems and thus needs dental treatment.  The last time a dentist attempted to work on him without an general anaesthetic he passed out and vomited, everywhere.  Classy.  Yet the usual run of the mill and random phobias many people possess he views with absolute mirth and a clinical absence of sympathy.  Hence the irony that he married someone who has many silly random phobias.  Just a few of them for example:

* Large birds -  Especially peacocks, geese and swans.  Bloody petrified of the evil bastards.
* Jellyfish - They terrify me and in the past the mere possibility of them has prevented me from so much as paddling in the sea, the sea being one of my favourate things.
* Heights- Not all heights though, I'm perfectly fine flying for instance or even sitting atop a high hill, it's more of climbing to get to them especially up ladders.
* Rollercoasters

So, do you have any phobias? What are they?


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