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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I shall not tell a lie, i'm flummoxed by Thing One and school shoes.  This pair have been worn for six weeks.  On the left the inner has worn away and you can see the hard structure of the shoe through the white and on the right, there is a hole through the heel that only just stops short of coming through the outer sole.  These are shoes from George at Asda.  Last year exactly the same thing happened to several pairs of Clarks shoes too.

Bare in mind he doesn't store a mouse in them nor does he possess a tool kit.  This is just from sheer old bog standard....walking.

After just six weeks.

I'm coming to the conclusion that nothing is made to last anymore, we're such a disposable race.  Brands simply assume we're fickle enough to not want to outwear anything anymore and that it's financially feasible to replace whenever the fancy takes us.  Oh if only.

Mobile phones back in the 90's would outlive the majority of your family.  Even if you through it in a fit, it survived most of the time.  These days you pay ten times more, sneeze at it and the screens crack and should you dare to be unfashionable enough to still want it after a year, well good luck with that.  The batteries appear programmed to self destruct.

Generations before us would use the same pram or pushchair yet more often than not (yes, I'm aware this doesn't always happen) these days fabric tears, bits snap off, holes appear, mechanisms break down, wheels fall off as if they're merely designed to be used once a week around a supermarket and then live in the boot.  Not all of us drive, some of us walk...everywhere.  Buggies and prams get used a lot, just for walking.  We're not talking cross country treks or stunts, we're talking miles on pavement.  They shouldn't need replacing.

Yet back to shoes.  I fear I know not where to go from here.  This is the first time we've ever bought none fitted school shoes seeing as they were half the price of Clarks and previous lining of Clarks pockets with what little brass we possess had the same result....holes in the heels (Don't even get me started on how Childrens shoes can possibly cost nearly as much as adults yet use a fraction of the leather...)  I don't relish the thought of having to buy a new pair of school shoes every six weeks, it's simply not acceptable.

Perhaps i'll turn full hippy and send him bare footed.....good for the soul if not the soles and all that.


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