Soup Butties

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sometimes, no matter how odd the request you just have to let them get on with it because in the grand scheme of things at least they're eating something.

I have this habit of making the same soup in bulk and storing it in tupperwares in the freezer to nom upon at my leisure,  It's filling, nutritious and most importantly it's cheap.

The recipe has been adapted from my childhood.  The Mothership used to make stew with left over roast meat, usually chicken or turkey.  Mine is an oversimplified version of this.  I add plenty of red lentils, chicken stock, lots of chopped carrots and onion to the slow cooker.  Once cooked I whiz it up until it's smooth, scrumptiously thick and stir in a knob of butter.  Delicious!  Other times i'll leave it chunky with potato in it too and we'll have it with dumplings as a stew.  The Mothership often added other root vegetables such as swede and turnip and various pulses, i'm terribly allergic to vegetables,  (honest!) so don't bother.

The Toddler of all people has decided it's actually rather tasty so insists on sharing it however, he will not eat it with a spoon, only with bread to dunk.  No matter at least he's eating it however today he surpassed himself with culinary experimentation as he insisted that dunking simply wasn't good enough, now he wanted soup butties.  Yes, really.

Well, if you insist dude.

 Still, it's the closest he's come to a carrot in a while he's more of a fruit boy.


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