Parents evening

Friday, 22 March 2013

Or should I say Parents Conferences as they've finally had the long overdue genius idea of doing them during the day too now.

Things One & Two have further confirmed that they are indeed utter aliens.

Thing One has been jumping up sub levels as if he were in springs and has apparently been awfully well behaved, so it's just us then that he obviously despises.  Thought as much. Spiffing. Super. He is one of the youngest in his year (year 4) yet is level 4C and 4B which are apparently consistent with the end of the year above, clever little bugger.  I'll have to take their word for it as unfortunately the part of my brain that deals with scores and figures came out with the placenta.  All in all his teacher is terribly impressed with his achievements  enthusiasm and his randomly large if not at times questionable vocabulary, much preferential to a large arse which is unfortunately all I've been lumbered with.

Thing Two (age 6 and in year 1) apparently has the reading age of an 11+ yr old and is moving on to year three maths work very soon.  Our beautiful strangeling is apparently well known to the head teacher, for all the right reasons and remains her charming little self ever questioning the validity of her peers actions and emotions (they said they 'love' me? what's that about?) and remaining somewhat bewildered by their antics whilst as ever pondering the meaning of life.

Can't ask for much better really, superb behaviour and attitudes, am obviously doing something right then, somehow.


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