Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Sunday, 23 December 2012

I'm still here, somewhere although as to whether i'm waving or drowning remains to be seen.

Despite the lounge being festooned with Christmas finery, or should I say looking like the exploded insides of a 1970's tarts handbag I remain to feel festive despite rather liking the festive period.  Perhaps it's a product of my isolation or mayhaps i'm just that bloody miserable.

It doesn't help that I have a loathing for many of the iconic treats, i'd rather suck out a tramps toe jam then eat mince pies, Christmas cake or indeed Christmas pudding.  I would buy some sprigs of festive mistletoe to adorn the house for Yule yet The Cat would probably eat it and failing that I may be forced to actually kiss The Husband.

I have achieved the unheard of and have completed approximately 99% of my shopping with 95% of that being wrapped already, I actually feel somewhat feint at that. I haven't the foggiest as to what must have come over me. Granted it hasn't been without a complaint (or three) due to some unfortunately crap couriers.  One would think that to be a courier, one really rather ought to be able to read and to use a bit of common sense and look for places.  I. won't even begin my tirade at the ridiculously typical inefficiency of The Royal Mail at this time of year.

The Husband and I are frightfully amused at some of our hiding places this year with many of the presents being incredibly right under The Spawns little noses.

Four more sleeps.  More more sleeps and then wham.  It's all over.  How utterly anti climatical and wasteful of emotional energy.

We did the parental duty of watching Thing Two be an endearing wee reindeer singing with her class and managed not to fall asleep through Thing One's carol service with perhaps the most boring rendition of the nativity from another class accompanying it.  I laid back and thought of Vodka.  Oh wait, that was during some other arduous event.

We survived the trauma of The Turkey of Doom.  I'm terribly partial to a roast Turkey and actually relish the idea of leftovers for several days and as such I ordered a frozen beast of a bird which resulted in a spontaneous bezerker behaviour at the freezer, with a hammer.......oops.

I'll regale you with our adventures in random crafting with the kids for Christmas shortly, once I've recovered.


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