How to survive Christmas shopping.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I know most of you are more then likely infinitely more shop savvy then me yet for those of us who aren't I thought i'd share just a few ways of getting the most out of your Christmas shopping online, or should I say the most out of your money.

1.  Google is your friend.  Never ever purchase until you've googled the item to compare prices elsewhere, you may be surprised at how a price can vary for essentially what is the exact same item.

2. Cashback.  It's free to sign up and no admin fee's are taken from your 'earnings'.  Basically you'd be surprised at how many merchants that you frequently use actually offer cashback through a cashback service.   It really is that simple, you get money for spending money.  No hoops to jump through or small print.  Just search for a merchant, make sure you visit the merchant via their link on the cashback site and jobs a good 'un.  Often it's 5% etc other times it's an actual monetary value, especially if you're changing media services, energy suppliers or mobile phone companies, you can literally get £100's of pounds free purely through going via a cashback site.

3. Discount codes.  Never complete checkout until you've googled for promotional codes.  You can often get a range of discounts varying from a percentage discount or free delivery.  It all adds up and every little helps as they say.

4.  Membership sale sites.  If you're a mum you really ought to sign up to Zulily.  Every day at 6am they release new offers on a whole range of items from well known brands from slings, toys, clothing etc for mums and babies/toddlers/children.

5. Discount stores.  Never be afraid to mooch round your local pound shops and Home Bargains.  You can often pick up remarkable bargains.  Often things you'll find going for triple the price on eBay   You can get so much more for your money on the same items you'd purchase elsewhere.  Gifts for everyone from main presents to stocking fillers.  Cheap books, gift sets, clothing and toys!  Also ideal for hampers/baskets and such if you want to make your own hampers.

6. DIY.  If you're craft orientated, seriously do it yourself.  You can make something unique and quirky that the recipient will really appreciate.  Why not do hampers? from Christmas goodies hampers to a movie night hamper or even an indulgent Christmas eve hamper.  You can fill them with bought goods or if you're so inclined home made pickles, chutneys, puddings, home brews, sweets and truffles.  Get the children involved they can make truffles, potato stamp paper for wrapping paper, do salt dough impressions..... kill two birds with one stone that way, entertain the spawn and save money.  Win.

7.  If you're not a member of Amazon Prime you may be eligible for a free trial membership.  The best time to do this is Christmas.  No more stressing about when items will arrive, especially with our rather unpredictable weather.  Free next day delivery on many items.

8. Save up your Tesco club card vouchers as they have club card exchanges at Christmas  last christmas I managed to buy £80 worth of toys for £40.  Can't be bad!


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