Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Despite owning several hats, there are but two that The Toddler will permit to take us temporary residence upon his head, one of which he often insists on wearing regardless of season and even in The Grandads car so that The Grandad has dubbed it 'the motoring hat'

So imagine the absolute horror that engulfed me when walking around Morrisons one dark and wet evening I noticed that it was indeed gone. It had been there minutes before. Utter panic. Shit.
For you see, this isn't just any hat. It's irreplaceable. It was handmade by a very dear friend and it rather fabulous.

So I did a swift u-turn with the buggy and retraced my steps with the utter concentration of a natural hat predator whilst resisting the ever increasing urge to a) flap like a girl and b) spew forth a vibrant rainbow of loud obscenities. This was much harder then you think.

I looked up, down, round and round yet it wasn't here it wasn't there that bloody hat wasn't anywhere. Bollocks.

I went outside to issue forth the command of search to The Spawn when something caught my eye....on one of the shiny metal bollards was a suspiciously familiar hat. Hoorah! Some bloody brilliant and rather honest person had obviously found it and rather kindly placed it somewhere clean, dry and visible.

You know your life is rather lacking when you blog about a missing hat.....

However it is a remarkably awesome hat and It's moments like this that restore a little faith in The human race reminding us that despite evidence to suggest otherwise, not everyone is related to Mike Hunt.

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  1. As I started reading this I had my crochet hook out!!! Glad you found it :D


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