Girly fail.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I think Thing Two is broken. She doesn't appear to be able to spend money. Or should I say she appears utterly incapable of spending her own money for she is rather good at spending mine.

Last year for her birthday a relative gifted her ten pounds. Ten months later she still had the ten pounds. Don't get me wrong, she saw plenty of things she liked and indeed wanted, just not enough to part with her money. In the end I ordered her a tub of lego online just to be done with it.

This year she was utterly enthralled with the idea of a girly day out with The Mothership and I.  Just girls, not even The Toddler, who is usually absolutely attached to me.  A day for sheer girly shopping, like makeup and glitter and sparkly things.  Slightly surprising as she's a beautifully odd child and somewhat uncannily morbid .

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control such as lack of money, general malaise, appalling weather and The Mothership buggering off to Spain (again) the date kept getting moved and moved rather like the Birthday Bowling trip we've yet to embark upon (yes, I know, we're bad bad parents) So in an effort to prove that promises aren't actually terribly empty we set out to Bury.  I say we for The Husband, Thing One and The Toddler accompanied us due to a very clingy molar sprouting Toddler a penchant of mine for fearing buses, alone.  Once there The Big Boys buggered off which juts left us girls and The Toddler.

We browsed Toy shops and clothes shops and sparkly makeup and stuff shops. We even flirted a look inside the atrocious and mentally scarring build a bear shop. She uhmmed and ahhed and oohed but would you bloody part with her money? would she heck.  She liked plenty, more then plenty she just didn't want to spend her money on any of it.  Add to this her general miserable disposition.  This was her day out and she had the audacity to look positively tortured.

So what did she spend her money on in the end after her much pined for girly day out of girliness?....

Some rides.  Yes.  Rides.  Which she refused to go on until she'd tracked down Thing One.  Upon being reunited she remembered how to actually animate herself and her inner light flickered on and beamed.  So several hours of trawling round shops for her and she eventually spent all her money, withinin 15 minutes on..yes...rides.  A go for her and Thing One on this trampoline thing, a Ride on a kiddie train thing and two rides on a carousel.  Money all gone.

The Toddler who climbs everything and spends half his day bouncing on everything even got to have a go on the harness trampoline, only to break down into terrified sobs until I rescued him, he was in it for seconds and typically the bugger running it didn't offer the rather high fee back, despite us already paying for The Elder Spawn.  Tit.

So it turns out she didn't actually want to be with girls, do girly things and go shopping after all, despite weeks of excitement over it.

We then had to listen to the rather tiring bemoans of wanting more money for 'just one more ride'

She really is somewhat broken I think.


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