Dear Santa.....

Saturday, 10 November 2012

So, Thing Two (age 6) came downstairs one day clutching an envelope asking if we had Father Christmas' address.  I assured her i'd find it and would in the mean time put her letter somewhere safe

Naturally as soon as she went to bed I had a nosy, well you would wouldn't you?  I expected the stereotypical 'I want I want' letter that kids are expected to write.

I should have known better, after all this is Thing Two we're talking about.  Inside the letter was a picture coloured in for him and a card hand written by herself, with a free hand portrait of him..

Bless her, not once did she tell him what a good girl she is and nor did she ask for a single thing


  1. aww thats so very sweet, I hope you find Santas address and it arrives with him safe and well :)

  2. I'd love to post it somewhere that would send her a reply :(

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