The 'C' word.

Monday, 8 October 2012

It's only just turned October yet a few weeks ago, yes, that would be September our local super market was boasting shelves swollen with Christmas stuff. Yes, really, Christmas. What is wrong with people, It's nearly a quarter of a year away! We've only just said so long and farewell at the grey and dismal funeral of our so-called summer.Gosh, It's all gotten rather silly hasn't it?  Is the great British depression so virulent that we've resorted to this? What a load of tosh. surely if we start this early then by the time December graces us the build us leaves naught except a rather unfortunate anti climax.

When you're wee, Christmas is a magical time of sparkle, chocolate and presents. When you're in your spritely youth It's all about getting rather trolleyed with added sparkle to your hangover. Yet when you become a boring grown-up with a husband and spawn it becomes a tactical and logistical headache balancing the timing, finances and organisation whilst portraying a fascade of excitement, peace and magic. Don't bother gift wrapping the Valium just gimme gimme gimme. Perhaps if The Toddler ever decides to night wean I can get squiffy whilst on wrapping duties to alleviate the ennui, it would only take a sniff or two of a wine gum It's been that long. The Husband may even get lucky, at least that would save money on a gift...

Yet Yule aside between November and January there are no less then five birthdays on The Husbands side of the family, how rude of them!

I need a money tree.

Every year since birthing The Spawn I vow to be more organised as opposed to leaving it all until the last week or two.

This year I'm already plotting the token gifts for extended family, perhaps venturing into the rather twee world of the personalised photo calendar. What better gift for The Grandparents then a darling picture of the little darlings aka the grand spawn for each month of 2013? I know, I know, pass the bucket. Yet when you have exhausted all other budget friendly gifts such as alcohol, chocolates, book tokens It's time to get 'personal'.

It was one of those things that I always assumed would be grossly over budget until I was fantasy shopping at Jessops Photo (oh sugar daddy! A dslr please, pretty please) and came across make your own calendar. Jobs a good 'un! That's The Grandparents presents sorted then. Piece of piss this being organised lark. Now....where's the wine gums?.... I'm positively exhausted after all that cyber shopping.


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