The strange days are coming.

Monday, 1 October 2012

The sky is an all encompassing grey, thick and sludgy and hungry, devouring both light and colour until everything turns grey.

It's suffocating to the eye and mind alike. I find myself trying to overcompensate through colour, bright tights and shining nails to try and disguise the bruise coloured dress that adorns my thoughts.

Everything feels slower and heavier, even breathing appears slow and insignificant.

The summer is well and truly over yet rather then an exploded paint box of colour heralding the arrival of Autumn the gray has consumed the fire and passion and burning colours.

I can feel the slow tugging hand of yet another m.e slump trying to drag me beneath the undertow.
Time for action.

The Husband is an awful sceptic towards the benefits of MultiVits, then again he remains a sceptic to most things yet when plagued by one of the awful invisible illnesses with no cure and few star players in the arena of treatments, you'll find yourself looking towards working with your body to try and encourage It's own defences knowing that if you can't who the war at least you can win a few of the battles. So the current thinking in some corners of the science world is that a large proportion of the population are deficient in vitamin D especially many sufferers of CFS, depression and Fibromyalgia. To many people this could prove to be a rather significant finding in coping with what are, let's face it, absolute bastards of afflictions. So in the name of science I'll give it a go. Don't get me wrong I'm not expecting miracles but even a small improvement would seriously help. Afterall, what have I got to lose, really? And what better time to experiment then now as blimey, if there's one thing the grey has definately swallowed, It's the sun.

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  1. I am Vit D deficient and I take a spray that a friend with FM recommended. It's much cheaper than the pills the doc told me to take but still the right amount of vitamin. It also tastes of peppermint instead of wheaty-sick like a lot of vitamins ;)

    This is the one I get -


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